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Push and Pull PR on eMarketing Talkshow

Posted on Nov 30th, 2006
Written by Lee Odden
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    This Friday I will be doing an online radio interview with eMarketing Talkshow about “Push and Pull Online Public Relations”. I’ll be talking with Cindy Turrietta about the market opportunity with online PR, explaining the concept of push and pull with examples of each as well as considerations on measuring results.

    With all the buzz about optimizing and marketing with social media as well as the emerging meme in public relations on the social media news release format, there is an opportunity to help marketers better understand how these concepts can be applied in a practical manner.

    Too often tactics get promoted as the latest and greatest trends without any substance or real world references. This interview is intended to provide a framework for understanding how marketers and public relations professionals can increase their reach and ability to be found by consumers as wel as the media by incorporating SEO concepts along with PR and social media.

    Cindy caught up with me at the WebmasterWorld Pubcon conference to talk about doing this show and it seemed like a great idea. I had just presented on Push and Pull PR in the context of social media release optimization during the public relations panel. I had not done any interviews yet on this topic, so it seemed fresh and timely.

    You can tune in to the show by visiting the eMarketing Talkshow site at 4PM PST/6PM CST/7PM EST this Friday, December 1st. If you don’t make it for the live show, the archives will be available in four segments when they are posted next week.