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Session: Ad Copy & Landing Page Optimization

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This was an open discussion session where users submitted their sites to get the Google ad copy critiqued and the landing page looked over for quality and usability. Tips included:

  • Keep important information towards the top of the landing page.
  • Be detailed and don’t just assume your visitors know your services.
  • Simpler the better.
  • Put simple URLs in ads.
  • Try sentence caps vs small caps.
  • Image quality on landing page matters. Make it look good.
  • Whitespace is good.
  • Bullet points give a great way for users to scan information. Long blocks are bad.
  • Should be easy and quick to digest the copy.
  • Always be sure you know, and your visitors now, the target of the ad. What’s the call to action?
  • Testimonials are good to put on landing pages.
  • Consider your ad output. How it looks on 2 lines vs 4 line ads.
  • Keep forms short. Get the lead info then call for more details.
  • Label required fields.
  • No pop-ups or pop-unders on landing pages.
  • Scrolling is ok, but make sure users know that there is more information below the fold.

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  1. Avatar jimithegeek says

    You hit this on right on the money. In fact I think that in the shift to social media optimization the importance of landing pages will not only be essential for conversions but also very critical for overall search engine rankings.


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