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Dan Rosandich sent me this cartoon. Apparently he runs a service that you can use to automatically populate your blog or web site with cartoon images via RSS or JavaScript with a daily cartoon. They’re not all about search engines or SEO, but some bloggers might find it to be an interesting way to add content. More at Dan’s cartoons.

Fantomaster used to post SEO related cartoons and Chris Pirillo’s bLaugh offers a web 2.0 slant on their cartoons. Rand uses them in his PowerPoint presentations as well.

Are there any ongoing SEO/SEM related cartoons being published out there? If any industry deserved to be humorized, it’s search marketing.

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  1. Exactly! Hmmm. Now I just need to find a cartoonist who “gets” SEO.

  2. Dan has great cartoons. I had him do one for SEL’s first birthday. http://www.searchenginelowdown.com/images/george-bush-cartoon.gif

  3. Good idea.

    Where you wouldn’t want someone to cut-and-paste several of your articles for your blog, you’d be fine with them hosting some of your cartoons with a link back.

  4. Now that is funny 🙂

    Google has touched many many lives…love working there 🙂

  5. I don’t think the cartoon is all that funny….

  6. Obviously someone is trying to spam my name and website (the reply above) The cartoon is hilarious 😉

  7. I have never thought that way! It seems to me that something is right in the story