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Must Read Search Marketing Blogs

Editor: Here is the master list of search marketing blogs maintained weekly.
In the latter part of last year I had been sharing blogs that I came across and decided are worthy to add to my RSS reader. Topics of these blogs, as you might guess, concern search engines, search engine optimization, online PR and social media. I realize calling this a “must read” list is a bit ambitious, but I do have to say that if I had enough time to read them all, I would!

In the spirit of the new year, I thought I would share the OPML file as of January 3rd, 2007 of the 250 plus (and counting) SEO, SEM, social media and online PR blogs I try to monitor. There are quite a few gems in there but it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of them. Even if you use Zap Reader.

In the process of revisiting each blog site and RSS feed, I have a few recommendations for bloggers:

  • Please make it easier to subscribe to your feed! Place an orange RSS icon high up on your page and don’t be afraid to use the word “subscribe” nearby. The RSS feed buttons tool can help you in this department.
  • Please add some “about” information to your blog. Without extra information about the contributor(s), there’s not as much credibility. You can still be anonymous, but add a little background info at least.
  • Take it easy on the AdSense. Too much AdSense above the fold, the less value you’re providing readers.
  • Post once in a while, will ya?! I know it’s not a top priority for many of the knowledgeable marketers out there, but think about how you can re-purpose other communications such as answering questions for prospects, customers or staff. Also, take notes when you have ideas and save them as blog post drafts. Add to them over time and soon you’ll be able to post full length articles (if that’s your thing) on a regular basis with a minimum time investment at one sitting.

Below is a collection of over 250 blogs covering search marketing with a few that venture into blogging, social media and new media public relations. This list is an output of my own RSS reader and it will update (add/remove) as I update the list of blogs and feeds that I track. I hope you find it useful.

The list will be maintained on an ongoing basis on the Search Marketing Blogs page. Here is the OPML file for your download/importing pleasure. (right click and save as)


There is no way to get on this list by “submitting” or requesting. I must notice your blog, read it and like it. It’s totally subjective and not an attempt to be a comprehensive resource, but one the we’ve found to be useful at TopRank.

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Unreal Lee! Thanks so much for compiling this!

  2. It is a lot of information. The OPML option allows you to start with a huge list and filter it out as you go. The reverse basically, of how it was built. 🙂

    Like any list, there may be a few blogs that people have never heard of before that could bring some great info.

  3. I am sending my whole team here to grab that OPML file. Thanks for the great resource, and for putting my ole blog up there too. You rock Lee!

  4. Avatar Igor M. (BizMord Blog) says

    Excellent list Lee. I can only imagine how much time this took.

  5. Avatar Joe Dolson says

    Well…now, my only question is whether I _really_ want to download that OPML.

    Does it continue to be beneficial if you’re massively overwhelmed by the quantity of data?

    But seriously, this is a great list, Lee.

  6. Great resourceful post Lee.

    Just wanted to give a quick shoutout for one that just started – Brian Mark (of toolbarn.com fame), who has had a lot of success with the “onebox” has just started oneboxer.com – should be a goodie, and is a great niche that most folks don’t focus that much attention on.

  7. Dang, Lee! That’s quite a comprehensive list! You should put them all in your blogroll… then, you may beat out Bill for having the king of all blogrolls! 😛

  8. Good tip Todd, thanks.

    Ha, kid disco, that honor belongs to Bill!

  9. Was hoping to get on, but maybe next year 😉

    Great list!

  10. Hi Glen, you’re in the queue. We post new blogs every Friday!

    David, yes posting frequency is indeed a factor. We declined listing over 50 blogs because of no posts in the past 30 days or more. However, 2 weeks or more is a better indicator.

  11. Great list, you shouldn’t miss too much by reading each of those daily! 😀

  12. Avatar David Temple says

    Thanks for the great list and for including mine. How long do you give someone that doesn’t post regularly til you knock them off the list? That should be a motivator.;)

  13. Wow! My Bloglines is at about 160 feeds, which I thought was impressive. But that’s nothing compared to this! Thanks for putting this together, Lee. Thanks for including my blog. I think by the time I’m done checking out all the new blogs here I might be up at 250+, too. 🙂 Great, great stuff. Thanks again.

  14. Avatar Patrick Schaber says

    Lee – this is unreal! Thanks for all the hard work you and your team put into this. It sure will make it easier for all of us to find each other. I also appreciate being included in the list! Thank you.

  15. Avatar Balazs Balint says

    Not bad list:) I hope I will have enough time to read (just 1/50 of the list :)). But one of my favourites is missing: http://www.toprankblog.com I know that it is quite far away from online marketing, but the most fruitful thing if you can find trends in one field to apply it in another field. That is why I read it. That blog doesn’t give comprehensive posts, but highlights some intresting points (mainly offline markeing related) which makes me think about offline trends, that can affect online trends and gives new ideas.

  16. Avatar Ann Handley says

    Lee — Wow…that is a serious blog addiction you’ve developed there. WOW!

    Thanks for including all of us at the Daily Fix — much appreciated.

  17. Lee,

    That is a rather thorough list you have there; how often do you find yourself updating it?

    For a while I tried to read absolutely everything that was written, but found (as you must have) that quite a bit is regurgitated and re-branded from opinion -> fact -> religion. That said, I’ll definitely have to pick through your list on a couple I haven’t read in a while, just in case.

    Good luck to you in 2007.


  18. Avatar Christer Edwards says

    I think that definitely crosses the line into information overload! Thanks for the list though, its nice to find new reading from time to time.. even if I don’t keep the entire list.

  19. great list lee!

  20. Avatar Brian Provost says

    Two more:

    http://www.scoreboard-media.com (self-propping)

    http://www.tropicalseo.com (Andy Hagans)

  21. Lee – It’s an honor to be included in your reads. Guess I should add you to mine now .. only kidding .. you’ve been on my Bloglines for ages 😉 Seriously, this is a great resource. Thanks for the post.

  22. Thanks for the inclusion Lee. It’s an honor to be in this list 🙂

  23. Here’s another:

    http://www.etre.com/blog/ (a “usability, accessibily and findability blog”)

  24. Thanks for all the comments guys!

  25. That certainly is a lot of reading each day! Picked out a few that looked interesting and that I’m not already reading.

  26. Avatar Navneet Kaushal says

    Thanks Lee . You have done a wonderful job by providing a comprehensive list of current SEO blogs. It would be highly helpful for anyone concerned with SEO.

  27. Thanks for the mention Lee, and the list itself. I’m putting this one over on Delicious for now. 😉

  28. Good call Brian. We should all bookmark this now!

  29. Ha, thanks Brian and Chris. MUCH appreciated. 🙂

    If you’re in the mood, try #11 for the OMB at:


  30. Avatar Kate Zimmermann says

    I think my RSS subscriptions just doubled with your opml file. It’s a terrific list though, I sent it around to everyone at Reprise Media.

    One more I’d recommend: Marketing.fm



  31. Awesome list, Lee. Will blog and link to it in my weekly summary. Thanks for including mine. I would Digg it but…. 😉

  32. Wow thanks so much for adding me to the list Lee.

    Thank You

  33. Ha, thanks David. Maybe I should call this the “anti digg linkbait” experiment! 🙂

    Thanks Kate, Helen and Didier!

  34. This is a really useful and comprehensive list! And thanks for the inclusion… it’s an honour to be included.

  35. Avatar Toivo Lainevool says

    Thanks for the great list!

  36. A miracle! Link Moses is at a loss for words, which itself is also a miracle 🙂 Lee, you have my sincerest thanks. Now, what do I do with the OPML file I just saved?

    LM aka EW

  37. Better look out Lee Odden, because I, Alan B, have also got one heck of a large Blogroll!

    Just when you thought it was safe to state you have the biggest, baddest Blogroll, here comes Big Al!!

  38. Hey Alan, that is one heck of a blog roll you have there. It’s a great one that’s for sure, especially since OMB is there. 🙂

    Eric, you can import the OPML file into your favorite RSS reader to automatically subscribe you to all 250 feeds.

  39. C’mon Lee, which ones are your favorites? 😉

  40. Avatar Giovanni Gallucci says


    Considering my post yesterday as a response to a post by Paul at SEOIdtiot:

    Our goal at The Agency Blog is a simple one…but a four parter, nonetheless. We are simply yet complex…that makes us sexy to the other bloggers.

    1) Add absolutely no value for anyone;
    2) Leave you, the humble reader, with nothing to think about;
    3) Be as generally specific about as many vague technical thingys as possible;
    4) Do whatever I want with my little piece of real-estate on the web.

    Is it possible that The Agency Blog was included by mistake? If not, then thank you for risking your reputation and publicly acknowledging that you waste time peeking at my feeds from time to time. You’re good people.

  41. Thanks for the list, and for including ST!

  42. You bet Scott!

    Hey everyone, we’ve hit the del.icio.us popular page!


  43. Avatar Steve Bryant says

    You’re a right bastard. I JUST finished organizing my feeds in Google Reader, and now I have to put some of these in too! 😉

    Nah, seriously, thx for the include!

  44. Very cool Lee. Since you appear to be a gluten for search blogs, here’s a newer one to add to your reading pleasure:


  45. What a great list. I subscribed to at least 10 of these, and will have to come back to look at the rest of them; thanks.

  46. Ahem.. so I guess I’m chopped liver?

  47. It’s my own fault that you haven’t noticed mine yet. I’ve been so busy promoting clients that promoting my own blog has had no priority. Accept my humble apologies for not reaching your attention before. http://www.vdgraaf.info

  48. Avatar Justin Seibert - Direct Online Marketing says

    Great post – it’s a really nice resource to have everything all together in one place to reference. Thanks for taking the time to put it together. Also enjoyed suggestion #4 – without doing that I don’t think I could post with any regularity.

  49. Avatar Rob Humphreys says

    Great post Lee. Whew…this is a list!

    Your site’s in my feed reader and I applaude anyone who can (try to) keep up with this many blogs/sites.

    I’ve tinkered around with the open source CMS Pligg and have created a Digg-like multi-user powered online marketing related site (that was a mouthful and I’m sure I still d/n explain it right…it’s like Digg for online marketers). 😉


    Much success to you in 2007!

  50. Lee, I also have been *too busy* to post to my SEO blog because(no eye-rolling, please)I’ve been working on my entertainment blog. I hope everyone will also pay particular attention to your recommendations.
    Thanks for the list. I’ll accept it as a late Christmas gift.-Alexandra

  51. Avatar David Dalka says

    Nice resource. You forget me! Search Engine, Mobile Search and Customer Listening.

  52. Avatar jimithegeek says

    Dude this is a great list and I’m sure it will be great linkbait …my only question is why aren’t I on the list kidding …I love your work.

  53. Avatar Solomon Rothman says

    Nice list and very comprehensive. Since it’s coming from such an “authority” blog it’s really picked up a lot of links (ran into more then one post linking to this just in my regular weekly SEO/M reading).

    I see more and more lists popping up as “link bait”, but they’re usually missing the key ingredient when faced with competition from many similar lists: reputation. Although if the list is especially unique or well presented it can still spread virally even from a completely unknown source.

    I hope you continue to keep this updated – I already read too many blogs and you just gave me some more. Hopefully you’ll run into my blog (I plan on sending you some traffic when I mention a few things in a new post) and maybe Stir Crazy Search Engine Marketing and Website Design blog will make this list (I know, long name, but it’s on purpose).

  54. Avatar Tim Linden says

    Sweet. I uploaded the OPML file to Google Reader. I figure I’ll try out Google Reader at the same time, and leave my Bloglines for the blogs I currently subscribe to. This will be interesting.

  55. Avatar Seo Practices says

    Thanks, I already have a good list of blogs to check every day, but since the it comes from an authority in the subject, I

  56. Avatar Scott Clark says

    Good lord, I’m going to have to bump up my DSL bandwidth just to keep RSSbandit happy! I’m thrilled to find some genuinely interesting original ideas in some listed here. Many I had already on my own blogroll, but some I didn’t know about.

  57. Hey Joost, I noticed. 🙂

  58. Avatar Joost de Valk says

    Trying to get noticed here… Come on, you can do it 🙂 click that link under my name there, yeah? got it? almost? Yes, that’s it 🙂

  59. Avatar Joost de Valk says

    hihi, got you 😉

  60. Avatar Howard Oliver says

    one more mine!
    A PR dude and professional corporate blogger explores Web 2.0 PR issues, strategies and techniques for high technology companies.

    I am going to tell the wife Im not going out tonight – going to surf this stuff for a few hours. Even if it means no snuggles…..

  61. Hi, I don’t suppose my site is worth ‘recognition’!
    It is at http://matt608.blogspot.com and called ‘Successful Online Money Making’. It has several articles about SEO.

    Keep the the great blog,

  62. Hey Scott, I am glad the list was useful. Can you send me the OPML file of your “tight list”? I’ll share on our blog and cite you as the source of course. 🙂

  63. Avatar David Ogletree says

    You have several blog on this list that have nothing to do with SEM. They just happen to be written by people that know a lot about SEM

  64. Avatar Scott Clark - Finding The Sweet Spot. says

    I subscribed to all of these since the list was published – making RSS bandit sweat profusely at times. Around half of them are really good! A forth re-hash the first half’s content – occasionally adding a nugget or two. The rest are silent or insipid, and in some cases republish *exact* copies of other blogs (RSS Bandit can group them this way.) I’m distilling them down to a very tight list now but it was great to have this as raw material. (Here in Kentucky, we’re good at distilling, you know.)

  65. Avatar Scott Clark says

    Okay, well two things. First, I’m still sorting out the best from the list. I figured I’ll give them a little more time. I’ll publish this concise list to you once I feel its truly stable – give me a week.

    As a derivative to your idea, I’m going to try to get a Yahoo Pipes List going. Named the “Piping Hot List” I’ve got a submission form here: http://sitecreations.com/blog/2007/02/show-off-your-best-yahoo-pipes-on-pipefeedcom.html

    …and will publish the list of best pipes after I get a decent number of them. I’m anxious to see what people come up with! If you like the idea, I’m certainly happy to have a little help spinning it up.

  66. very interesting and great info about SEO …thanks ..

  67. Thnx for the list Lee, it’s great !


  68. This Blog gives very nice information related Online Marketing.

  69. Wow, now that is a list and a half! I see some really good blog titles on there that I raed already, and there’s a number of other interesting ones that I plan on checking out. Like you, I wish I had the time to read them all, but that’s just impossible (well, unless I give up sleep…and who really needs sleep, anyway?). It’s always so hard to decide which blogs to keep up with and which ones to skip over. I agree some information about the blogger is very helpful in determining if the blog is worth a regular read or not, as it regular posting, but sometimes, an anonymous blog with few updates can be good, too. I guess, while your recommendations can help narrow down the blogs on my to-read list, the only real way to get an idea of which ones are useful is to read them for a few months.

  70. A long list, but definitely a definitive list! Can anyone keep up if they had to subscribe to all of those blogs?
    I know I would not be able to, but some of the sites are probably better than others.

    Thanks for the great post,

  71. I hate these long lists…lol great work Lee

  72. Wow that is a serious list of search marketing blogs to try out. Have bookmarked the site and will try, or try to try them out.

  73. Nice start for me. I’ll take each alphabet and see which suits my level for now.Always good to know others care.


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