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MyBlogLog has been growing leaps and bounds since it’s launch about 6 months ago. Rumors and then confirmation of the acquisition by Yahoo didn’t hurt their visibility either. You don’t have to visit too many blogs not to notice the familiar array of headshots and avatars of people who have recently visited a blog – a widget powered by MyBlogLog.

SoloSEO, a search engine optimization project management software service has released a set of tools called the “The Missing MyBlogLog Tools” to help you get more out of MyBlogLog and to help with building your network. For their efforts and release for use on MyBlogLog, SoloSEO only asks for 1% of the acquisition price or a free trip to Yahoo. 🙂
Here’s a breakdown of the tools:

Compare Blog Visitors – Compare your visitors with another blog’s visitors. Up to 130 of the last visitors are compared from each blog, and MyBlogLog members in common are displayed.

Compare Your Contacts – See what other contacts your friends, industry leaders, and fellow blog readers have that you share and that you don’t have added yet.

Compare Community Members – Compare your MyBlogLog Community members with another community and view members common between both blogs, and unique to each blog.

Common Communities between Contacts
– See what communities your contacts share by choosing up to 20 contacts to compare common communities witha link to quickly join the communities.

Show All Visitors – This tool lets you see the last 130 visitors to all of your communities.

Add Missing Contacts – This tool lets you see who in your community has not been added as a contact yet with a link to add.

These tools will definitely help you leverage the networking done by other MyBlogLog members and communities. Here’s a link to the Online Marketing Blog community if you’d like to join. 🙂
Nice work Michael!

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  1. Sweet! SoloSEO coming through again!

  2. The potential of these tools really excite me. I just can’t imagine someone paying for their subscription, though. Just like LinkedIn, I think any relatively net-savvy person could enjoy its full benefits without having to ante up.

  3. Thanks for pointing out this great MyBlogLog resource!