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OPML Files Get an Icon

Posted on Jan 12th, 2007
Written by Lee Odden
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    OPML IconWhile listening to the Daily SearchCast the other day, Danny mentioned that OPML has an icon. It was news to me, yet I guess I haven’t really found a need for an OPML icon yet.

    It looks much like the feed icon only in blue and you get the whole circle for the logo.

    OPML Icon 2Actually, I think it should have the dot and two outer circles. That way people don’t associate it with Target and it’ll more accurately tie in with the feed icon as the feed icon is 1/4th of the circles.

    If you don’t know what OPML is, it’s just a list of feeds pre-packaged in one file for easy portability. It could be a list of 3 feeds or 300. All feed readers should be able to import and export OPML files just like how a browser can import and export bookmarks.

    After the success of the feed icon, I’m pretty sure the OPML icon will catch on quite fast. That is unless you put it on a red background and Target yells at you.

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