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Since the posting of the big list of search marketing blogs, several people have contacted me about having created a custom search engine via Google Custom Search Engine using the list of blogs. So far there are:


I realize with so many blogs, about 300 now, that it’s not practical to try and read them all every day. That’s why we’re working on developing a “river of news” format so you can see a stream of posts broken out by hours of the day.

Any other suggestions on how we could make this list of search blogs useful are appreciated!

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  1. Avatar Marc Ohmann says

    Thanks Lee,

    It’s kinda funny how so many people have the same ideas. The river of news idea would be good it’ll be interesting to see if it makes the consumption easier.

  2. While I am delighted with a little bit of incoming traffic and “linkbait” from SEM Search, I am just as keen for the most mature, intelligent solution to the challenge of searching and cataloguing news in our “vertical”.

    And I think, personally, that that would ideally involve a new branch of the “memorandum” family called marketingmeme.com. I have purchased that domain but would be delighted to hand it over to Gabe Rivera (the genius behind techmeme.com) if he wants to run with it.

    In an effort to convince him of the need for it, I’m asking SEO/SEM/PR people to please make some “noise” in the comments of this post, which I’ll make sure he sees!

    Thanks heaps!

    – Alister

  3. Yeah, kinda like techmeme. That’s what we’re working towards with the SEM Blog list. I have a few ?’s offline for you via email.

  4. Whoah Michael, I just checked out Megite and the features are exactly what we’re looking for. You rock all around the block pal. Thanks!

  5. Hey Lee have you looked at megite.com? it’s interesting how when a bunch of people blog about the same story they group them all together. Bad explanation but you’ll get it when you look at it.

  6. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    search marketing blog


  7. Ok, Megite has pulled through already! Check it out: http://www.megite.com/toprankblog

  8. Avatar Andrey Milyan says

    I’ve noticed megite.com a few months ago when we started getting traffic from them. I’m not sure it’s such a good idea though.

    Personally, I like to read blogs with interesting ideas, like SEO by the SEA and SEOBook, instead of news blogs. These will never it make to the site like megite. In fact, once we stopped (re)posting SEM news on our blog, traffic from megite disappeared.


  9. Why support Google? What are you thoughts on Swicki?

  10. Swicki sounds great, except the form field for suggesting relevant sites is limited to 4,000 characters which only gets to the letter “M” in our list of 300 search marketing blogs.


  11. Hi Lee

    Any chance of adding social-media-optimization.com your list?



  12. Hi David, it’s weird – your site was included in the very first list we published but was somehow omitted in an iterative release. It’s been added back in!

  13. Avatar Oddcomments says

    I created a CSE a while back just for the fact that I wanted to limit my search results to the sites of individuals in the search engine community that REALLY DO KNOW what they are talking about. This has been an enormous help in finding anything SEM/SEO related that I am looking for, as I am now able to filter out all the bogus SEM/SEO crap.

    I have just made it publicly available at: http://www.oddcomments.com/bosem/

    As an example, try searching for “Alexa”. You won

  14. Avatar Aaron Pratt says

    Oddcomments – Your CSE sucks, I just did a search for phrases related to SEO. The only sites that showed up were SEOmoz, SEOBook and MattCutts. One could even conclude that you are either Rand or Aaron Wall, there is no about or contact page on you CSE widget BTW. So there is a good example of a flaw in the system, just because YOU have decided that the rest of us suck does not mean it is so.

    Lee has the right idea, he has included ALL internet marketing blogs and continues to build in an all inclusive way. Great work Lee.

    I get a few extra visits from Michael Gray’s Megite a week.

  15. Thanx Lee. I appreciate you adding me back in.


  16. Avatar Oddcomments says

    Actually, I have a lot more included than that …Google just feels that theirs are more relevant. Sorry!

    If it makes you happy, keep using Lee’s blog. His does have ALL the internet marketing blogs. I, however, don

  17. Avatar Oddcomments says

    OK… If the bulk of my site was not included, I would be mad too. Since you brought it up, this my criteria and why much of your site is not included:

    1) Practical content for people interested in knowing “how” to do something — Your site is, for the most part, SEO buzz that becomes dated very quickly …”Digg did this” …”Google did that” …”there’s a new tool to listen to webmaster radio”. Not very useful long term …and definitely not useful in terms of practical application.
    2) Articles should have actual content — You do have some practical content, but most of it is no more than three paragraphs long and doesn’t get into the meat of the topic or provide any real application.
    3) Solid/reliable SEO advice, not some crap opinion that is incorrect (like you find in most forums) — I have no doubt that you know what you are doing, you just don’t give any of that away on your site. If you wrote some solid articles like Rand or Aaron Wall has, you would have more articles listed.

    Listen, I’m not at all saying “you suck”, as you claim. You just have a different type of content that I am not looking for. My goal is to remove the noise of non-practical SEM. I’ll be the first to admit that my CSE doesn’t have every article that deserves to be included …I’m working on that, but it has enough content to return more relevant results than a straight Google search.

    I hope that explains things. No hard feelings.