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Search Marketing Blogs Update 012607

It’s that time of week again for new additions that have been added to the big list of search marketing blogs. This week we have 18 blogs bringing the total to about 350. I would love to add Brett Tabke’s blog to our list, but he doesn’t post very often and there’s no RSS feed. 🙂

Thank you to Todd Malicoat for making a new Google Custom Search Engine using the list. He’s actually added it to the sidebar of his Stuntdubl blog, which is pretty cool.

  • eConsultancy Internet Marketing & News – Group blog from the team at eConsultancy.
  • DFWSEM Blog – Dallas Fort Worth Search Engine Marketing Association.
  • Search Anyway Blog – Chris Ridings? and Sanjay Mayar blog about search and affiliate marketing.
  • Big OAK SEO Blog – Shell Harris blogs about all angels of SEO.
  • Affiliate Manager Blogger – Leonard Chen blogs about affiliate marketing.
  • Lee Dodd – Lee Dodd of Elite Retreat and Earner’s Forums blogs about forum marketing and SEO.
  • Manhattan Marketing Maven – Danny Flamberg blogs about all aspects of marketing including marketing online.
  • SEO Bomb – Sverre Sj??thun blogs about SEO from Norway.
  • The SEOFox Blog – Group blog from SEO Fox about web design, SEO and search engine news.
  • Blue Hat SEO – Eli writes about advanced SEO tactics.
  • WageRank – CDC documents the process of building up an internet marketing company.
  • Tech Mentat – Kris Keimig from Looksmart blogs about search engines, web marketing and web 2.0.
  • Joe Whyte – Joe writes about everything from PPC to SEO to social media to industry news.
  • NewspaperGrl – Janet Meiners writes about internet and affiliate marketing.
  • Joost de Valk – Joost de Valk blogs about web design and SEO from the Netherlands.
  • Karl Ribas – Blogs mostly about search engine news, pay per click and tools.
  • Yack Yack – Long time developer and SEO Rob Watts blogs on a variety of SEO topics.
  • LocalMN Blog – Paul Jahn writes about local search marketing from Minnesota.

Of course, the OPML file has been updated as well.

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  1. this is what we need here in China.. People claim that Baidu organizes results well – yeah right! it pulls results from top sites and that’s about (usually its own sites too..)

  2. Thanks for listing my blog. It can be difficult to manage clients and post to a blog regularly, but it is fun and seeing someone in the industry take notice is rewarding. Thanks again.

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