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One of the resources we often use when promoting blogs and RSS feeds is directory submissions. There are many kinds of directories to submit blogs to. There are blog-specific directories like Technorati and Best of the Web blog directory. There are also RSS specific directories and search engines. Google blog search is a RSS search engine, but you cannot submit the blog directly. You can however, ping Google blog search, but pinging is only relevant for RSS feeds.

Besides blog and RSS specific search engines and directories can also submit blogs to regular directories that have categories for blogs, such as Yahoo.

We’ve recently published a list of just under 100 RSS and Blog Directories along with the submission urls for anyone that wants a jump start on promoting their blog. Some are great for links such as from Answers.com, some are not so great, so you can make your own decision about which to submit your blog to.

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  1. Lee how good is it to use blog directories to promote blogs. I mean is there a real benefit from doing it? Is it really worth the time? Thanks.

  2. Some are good and some are not. For new blogs looking to promote themselves, getting listed by sites like About.com or Answers.com can create instant credibility.

  3. Looks like a great top list. Maybe you can make a post about your favorites to help weed out the duds.

    Thanks for your effort!

  4. I’m sure that some of the blog directories are good. It’s worth a try. .

  5. Nice list, Lee. I’ll admit though that I tend to find that the directories, while potentially good for referring visitors, are certainly very beneficial as another way of starting / developing inbound links for ranking purposes.

    I’ve just completed a post giving bitesized thoughts on blog promotion methods – would you be ok with my updating the Blog Directories part with a link to your list?

  6. Mark, if the list is worthwhile, feel free to link away.

    This list is not new of course, it was previously published on the TopRankResults.com site for the past 2 years or so. We do plan on adding a measure of quality to weed out the duds once I get our new developer on board.

  7. Hi Lee,

    What a joke, we’re both building lists of online directories. I’m covering the Australian online business directories; it’s a nice little market I can test the waters on before taking on bigger projects like listing blog directories. 😀

    Why did you not place your listing page within the http://www.toprankblog.com/resources/... folder? I did for mine as /tools/ but just interested in your reasoning.

  8. Hi Michael,
    That’s just how it ended up I guess. We should do a better job of practicing what we preach regarding blog SEO. 🙂

  9. Now that I’ve had time to think about it, some webmasters might structure the URL like that for an Adwords landing page and fill the columns with Adsense or any other impression based pay model to pay for the sponsored link as well as some petty cash on the side.

  10. Great list to use to market a blog.

  11. Hello,

    I work for the Mequoda Group, and last month we started ranking the top 100 media blogs in the US based on UV counts. You can check out February’s results here: http://daily.mequoda.com/top100/top100.html and next week we will be announcing the March results.

    The thing is with blogs, there are so many on such a wide array of topics that the possibilities for listing or ranking them by category are almost infinite. Maybe a good idea for a site: 100 blog lists of tip 100 blogs.

    Any takers?

  12. Hey I got a question about how to promote your blog. If I leave a comment on a blog that has a high page rank, will Google know that and start to rank my blog at higher page ranks? My blog is called Free For All Reviews and is only about 3 weeks old now. I have been trying to increase my page rank and I ask this question to see if it has worked for other people.

  13. Randy, simple answer. Mostly, no.

    Technical answer… if you look at the source of this page you’ll notice a “nofollow” property applied to all links by anonymous commenters; that’s us. This is becoming a standard practice among blog administrators as penalties can be incurred if a site has too many ‘irrelevant’ links. That said, there are blogs out there that don’t apply ‘link condoms’ to comments as their admins are either not well informed or are satisfied with moderating all comments.

    3 weeks is very premature, write more content and build up a readership. You can only build a readership by writing more content! 😀

    On the safe side and take this as a gem; not many blog hosts will tell you their traffic volume, it took me appx. 6 months of progressive posts – that is trying different topics, styles and language while analysing each variations interest response – within my post frequency – at least one post every three days – to achieve 2500+ pageviews per week and climbing.

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  15. Randy, I would be careful about how you drop comments. If the reason you’re doing it is to build link popularity, then you’re looking in the wrong place. If you don’t add value, don’t bother. Otherwise, comments are more than welcome!

  16. Thanks for the good information.

  17. Hola,
    thanks for this great list!!!!!

  18. Greetings. Our sister site is Delightfulblogs.com which we launched a year ago to better organize blogs for women. We have over 1,200 in the directory and are growing at about 300 a month. If your site is within this target I encourage you to submit your blog.

  19. Lee thank you for your list!

  20. I have tried some directory but found that some are very good some are totally useless, even though i suggest to submit to all.

  21. thanks for the good information

  22. It’s a good list to start with. Thank You.


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