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Some company web sites might like to characterize themselves as in need of charity, but that’s not what this post is about. Andrey Milyan has tagged me in a Charity Link Meme started by Skitzzo over at SEO Refugee. This is a timely meme as I’ve had a draft blog post sitting in my WP admin called “Alturistic Search Marketers” for a few weeks now.

Here are my five charity links:

And here are the people I’m tagging:

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  1. Thanks a ton for participating, Lee! You rock!

  2. *Altruistic 🙂

  3. Lee,
    Last year I survived stage 3B lymphoma…7 months of chemo at Mayo…3 weeks of radiation…Thanks for link juice for cancer.

  4. If you’re interested in a more direct route to help people you know, there’s a site called Giving Anonymously.

  5. Great, Lee! This is a really good idea. I will post the charity links as well on my site. Peter

  6. Avatar Li Evans says

    Wow, I’m really behind! Didn’t see this till this morning, so my apologies Lee. Work (ya know that day job that pays me) has been crazy, thankfully now I have some help though.

    I’ll post to this tonight on SMG. 🙂

  7. Sounds good Li, thanks for participating! 🙂

  8. Many bloggers are joining in. Yay…