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SES Session: SEO and Development – Get It Together

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Get It Together

It seems nearly every conference will have an overarching theme to it. (Rather, it seems the sessions I choose to attend at any given conference will have an overarching theme to them).

The final session I attended during Day 2 of SES Chicago, “SEO & Development: Get It Together” spoke further on what I had been seeing throughout the day, and served as a nice bookend to my first conference session, “Usability & SEO”.

The conference, moderated by Chris Boggs, included on its panel:

  • Geoff Karcher, President/Owner of The Karcher Group
  • Sage Lewis, President of
  • Colton Perry, SVP of Technology at NetPlus Marketing

The session continued on the overall theme of SEO & design working together from the conception of a website and through each of its days to ensure a powerful blend of creative and SEO best practices.

Perry truly summed up not just this session, but ultimately each of our roles in this game by stating simply, yet profoundly, that we must think “strategically and holistically”. Whether one thinks in the (seemingly) rigid world of SEO or the (seemingly) free for all world of design, each stakeholder’s road leads towards a strategy that will sync with the overall business model. (Note: “seemingly” = “misunderstood”)

SEO and design should not be separate. They both require a deep insight into your website’s audience, both in how they find it and what they’re most likely to interact with once arriving.

If anything, these two factions, (seemingly) most times at odds, should communicate more in terms of both creating and presenting content.

In the end, Lewis warned us, in a way only those who’ve listened to him speak before know he can, that a lack of communication between those in charge of SEO and those in charge of design will be at the heart of every website dubbed a failure.

With stakes this high, is it any wonder this unifying theme is so prevalent?

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  1. They need to get something like this going on in my area..