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Recently internet marketing legend, Larry Chase of Web Digest for Marketers asked for a contributed article on marketing with social media. Unlike many SEO focused social media marketing practitioners which tend to emphasize promoting stories to go “hot” for traffic bursts and ancillary links, TopRank focuses on a long term mix of Branding/PR/SEO tactics to engage in discussions and promotions within social communities.

To make the article more social, I asked several social media savvy friends and industry contacts in the public relations, direct marketing and search marketing business for their tips and resources.

Contributors included: Brian Solis, Neil Patel, Chris Winfield, Mike Moran, Rohit Bhargava, Jeremiah Owyang, Muhammad Saleem, Jason Falls as well as sources: Steve Rubel, Robert Scoble, Charlene Li, Andy Hagans, Pete Cashmore, Chris Brogan, authors Huba/McConnell and Emanuel Rosen. Thank you to all who particpated!

Tips range from definitions of social media to tips on how to deal with the abundance of traffic that can come from going hot, to a collection of web sites, books and blogs offering expert advice including a new book due out in early May from Charlene Li and Josh Bernoff from Forrester, called “groundswell” that I highly recommend.

You can read the full article by visiting the permanent link, “Social Media Marketing Tactics and Resources“. You may also be interested in these posts on social media strategy.

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  1. This is a good group of people to contribute to one project so we’re looking forward to checking it out!

  2. Lee’s Larry Chase article also links out to other interesting resources. The original post is Sphunn here:

  3. Great post, thanks for sharing!

  4. About the abundance of traffic, my experience is that one needs to start with defining what they’re looking for, then assembling the list of social medias (blogs/social site/forum) that are relevant to it and then listen/engage. The problem starts right at the beginning…Assembling the list isn’t easy . Building a list of 1000+ social media relevant to say, personal finance or gaming isn’t easy and it’s a process not a 1 click search. But it can be done. Next, by getting composite feeds from all those sources, one can find the conversations they’re looking for and where they can add value.

  5. Avatar Mustafa J. says

    One of those great pieces of writing where you find yourself with a dozen open browser tabs and you just keep opening new ones as you read. This has “ruined” an evening for me. Just kidding of course. Thanks for that.


  6. Great post, thank you very much for all these resources on social media marketing. I found a lot of useful information and I hadn’t even read all articles:)

  7. I agree with laurent. Especially less traveled groups like finance. But, over the long haul it pays off and in the process you gain insite.

  8. Thanks a bundle for this one. Still getting the hang of this social media marketing stuff.