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Jason Falls Interview: Waking Up the PR Industry to Social Media

The Blog World Expo conference has brought together an amazing mix of marketing, social media and public relations voices making someone like myself feel very much at home discussing the convergence of these three disciplines. Jason Falls, Director of Social Media for ad agency Doe-Anderson, is one of those people who really “gets” the social web and what that means for marketing and PR.

Check out this interview with Jason after the “Blogs and PR” session we both sat on talking more about how to get the PR industry to wake up to the social web.


As you can see, Jason has a lot to say and he’s both insightful and entertaining. Read more of Jason’s social media smarts over on his blog at Social Media Explorer and I would also highly recommend that you connect with him on Twitter: @jasonfalls.

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  1. Great interview. Really helpful. I am an new reader to your blog and I am really enjoying it.

  2. Great interview, Lee, thank you for sharing. I have noticed (and written on) the fact that much of the PR world and the media world has alot of catching up to do.

    It is good to see people like Jason out there spreading knowledge.

    Jason, talking like this at Blog World Expo is great and all, but you should get up in front of people who have less of an understanding too. Somehow I feel like BWE attendees are not the ones who need this education 😉


  3. Thanks Adam. As to your point, I think there’s a chance this video is going to get in front of plenty of people who have less of an understanding. 🙂

  4. That’s a great interview, Lee. Jason is a most engaging fellow. You’d think it would be easy to explain how incredibly good sliced bread is but some traditionalists are almost thinking of the quill and ink days. I’m sure this will help to spread the word.

  5. Thanks for your interview. This news is very important for online marketing professionals.

  6. Avatar Christian Bogh says

    Great interview. I’m one of those PR guys who is trying to teach my colleagues what social media is. So interviews like this is always helpfull.

    I will share it with the PR world in Europe (where the PR agencies are a bit farther away from the world of social media than in the US)

  7. Thanks for the responses everyone. Adam – You’re right. One revelation I hit on this weekend at BWE was that we need to stop speaking to ourselves and start doing these presentations at conventions for realtors, insurance agents, heath care professionals and the like. I’m hitting PRSA International (as is Lee, I think) next month. That’s expanding the circle a bit, but you’re right we need to do more.

    Thanks so much for the responses all. It’s cool to be on TopRankBlog.com!

  8. A good interview with a loto of useful tips! Great