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Tips for Better Business Blogging – SES New York

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SES New York did pretty well  considering many conferences are feeling the effects of business budget cuts. Publisher and VP Matt McGown stated that over 5,000 people attended 2009 SES New York.

Social media often folds well into search marketing and blogging represents a great example of the intersection between creating optimized content and a platform for enabling customers to be social with companies.  Some businesses have started blogs only to see them lose steam and die. Others are fearful of starting blogs in case customers make negative comments. 

My presentation for the Business Blogging session addresses both the common reasons business blogs fail and offers several tips for running a successful corporate blog, long term.


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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Great slide show. I agree, your blog will fail if you have no passion for the topic. Lack of passion comes through the screen in your words.

  2. Wonderful presentation. Really like the blog being likened to a hamburger. Track backs could be ketchup and comments could be fries. Great blog.

  3. Passion is definitely key – the only blogs I keep up nowadays are those about which I truly enjoy the topic.

  4. Corporate blogs do not seem to be trusted by the public for accurate and honest info. It is definitely better to look to a blogger who is passionate about a certain topic instead.

  5. “Report to those who made it happen” — a recommendation that could be applied across the boards to everything a business does.

    Especially in this economic climate, it seems like we’re all so worried about the next bad thing that might happen that we don’t take the time to share and celebrate the good things that really are happening.

    Stefanie Hartman: Would negative comments be the raw onions that the blog writer properly addresses and turns into lovely grilled onions, spicing up the burger and giving the joint in general a great following?

  6. Ref your comment about customers making bad comments on blogs;

    I have taken down my blog due to my competition making false comments.

  7. I just wanted to say to the people who don’t blog because they are afraid of negative comments that that’s pretty dumb. That’s just how life is and not everyone is going to love you. It’s the way that you deal with that negative stuff that will promote your standing with society. People will respect you more for having seen the way you handle yourself.