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Use Imagery To Make Your Posts Stand Out

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There are thousands of blog posts that get published every day and your posts are competing with them. Not only is good content needed, but so is a good image. Imagery can draw users attention to the content and give your post an additional boost.

Screenshots, logos, people, and product images are all good easy ways to incorporate imagery into a blog post. Almost anything is better than a big block of text.

When considering what type of image to add, think of what’s visually appealing. It may not always be a product shot, or a picture of a smiling person, quite possibly an image of the sky or an animal can convey the feeling you are trying to get across in your post much easier.

As an example, how do you feel just by looking at the images below?





Abstract Lines

Abstract Lines





Each image should give a different feeling. When added to the post, the images can set the tone before someone reads anything more than the headline.

So where can you find imagery for your posts? Head over to Creative Commons search engine and they’ll show you images from Google and Flickr; which should be free to use. Stock photo sites, like iStockPhoto, are also great places to find imagery that can be used on your blog. Granted it’ll cost, but not usually more than a few dollars an image.

Imagery is very powerful. If you look at a magazine or a newspaper, the first thing you’ll probably notice are the images. Those images set the tone for the article and draw readers in. This is also true blog posts. Not only can imagery help catch more eyeballs, but it can convey an additional emotional aspect to your writing.

Bonus: Learn more about Creative Commons Licenses and Online Marketing at the Online Marketing Blog.

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  1. I agree with you on this. Images, specially good ones do tell some story. As you’ve said images can set the tone before someone reads anything–very true.

    Images are powerful when used properly. 🙂

  2. Picture is worth thousand words is an old saying and refers to the idea that compound stories which take lengthy description can be described with just a single image, or that a picture is more prominent than a extensive amount of text. More over remembering picture and grasping the idea that is to be conveyed is easier in case of picture as comparative to descriptive text.

  3. Totally agree! and the images you’ve selected are very bold and really captivating

  4. hugerewards says:

    Consult the idea that the compound story which is adopted lengthy description can be described by an single picture, or a picture is more outstanding than the text of the vast quantity.