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31 Reasons Why WordPress Works As A CMS

Posted on Oct 2nd, 2009
Written by Lee Odden
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    WordPress-BlueThere are a lot of people who think that WordPress is just blogging software, but it’s much more than that. It can be a website’s entire content management system (CMS).

    Here are 31 reasons why WordPress works as a CMS.

    1. Simple to install.
    2. There is a WordPress plugin to add almost any functionality you want.
    3. Can setup multiple users with multiple levels of control on the site.
    4. It’s SEO friendly.
    5. Easy to theme.
    6. Easy to customize design and add widgets.
    7. One piece of software can run both the website and blog.
    8. Comes with pages and posts to separate the blog from the website.
    9. Post and page revisions so you have a history of changes to content.
    10. RSS feeds included with no setup.
    11. Built in media area for images, documents and so much more.
    12. Flexible theming structure that allows you to create multiple different layouts and easily apply them to any post or any section of the site.
    13. Built in link manager makes it easy to add a resources section to your site.
    14. Thousands of powerful WordPress functions allow developers to pull all sorts of information into any part of the site.
    15. No property code to learn. It’s all PHP.
    16. You don’t have to know code to use it. Upload the files, follow the on screen instructions and never look at the code.
    17. Clean and customizable URLs.
    18. W3C standard compliant.
    19. Most web hosts support WordPress. Lots even have it available as a one-click install.
    20. Posts updates and design changes take effect immediately, no waiting for anything to re-publish.
    21. Can allow for a members only area of the site.
    22. Can create password protected areas for privacy.
    23. It’s easy and quick to upgrade.
    24. Works in all browsers on all platforms.
    25. Can create drafts so you can start work on a page now, and finish it later.
    26. Lightweight and user intuitive admin side.
    27. It’s available in your browser or on your mobile device; such as the iPhone.
    28. It’s free.
    29. You can create an entire site in less than an hour.
    30. You have control over just about everything.
    31. There are over 15 million WordPress publishers: 6 million blogs hosted on plus 9 million active installations of the software. So you know it’s good stuff.

    Can you come up with any more?