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5 Ingredients for a Perfect Twitter Marketing Recipe

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After reading Lee’s post earlier this week on how to source content on Twitter, I started to think about the homemade guacamole I made for the football playoff games last weekend. Stick with me here.

With my guacamole, I carefully strategize on the right mix of each ingredient to achieve the perfect flavor and consistency.

Not enough lemon and lime juice, and the avocados brown too quickly.

Too much garlic salt, and the guacamole gets a pungent taste.

Twitter as a marketing tool is much the same way.

Too much product pushing and self-inflation, and your followers head for the hills in droves.

Too little interaction and communication, and your followers forget you exist altogether.

A successful Twitter marketing strategy must include a balance of different but complementary elements. Ensure the right mix with these 5 ingredients for the perfect Twitter Marketing recipe:

1. Relevant, informative content
You don’t always have to go out in search of new, interesting content to promote on Twitter. Your company likely already has produced a host of existing content that can be leveraged.

Twitter is the ideal medium for sharing and promoting:

  • Tips leveraged from a blog post
  • Information on upcoming events
  • Research from a recent whitepaper
  • Webinars with industry thought leaders
  • Interesting statistics from press releases

For example, TopRank implemented a Twitter marketing strategy to help promote blog content for a client that provides syndicated content to media outlets. Each day, TopRank crafts 3-4 tweets highlighting the most interesting and intriguing elements of new blog posts, with links to the posts. In just three months, the client has increased its followers by nearly 64% to more than 1,500. The tweets were responsible for more than 1,000 visits to the blog during the same timeframe.

2. Relevant, informative content … that’s not yours
In addition to sharing your own content from blogs, whitepapers, press releases and the like, leverage content from outside sources as well.

The good news: Staying up-to-date on the latest news from across an entire industry doesn’t necessarily have to consume a lot of extra time:

  • Subscribe to industry publications’ e-newsletters to receive the latest content in your inbox
  • Sign up for the RSS feeds of several prominent industry blogs to get notified of fresh content
  • Set up daily Google Alerts for a few relevant terms to receive the latest news articles and blog posts

It’s as simple as highlighting the most interesting part of the article or blog post – i.e., a surprising statistic, a quick tip – and offering a link to the original source.

3. Product offers and promotions
Twitter can be an effective marketing channel for sending promotional messages – when combined with other types of content.

Offer timely sales information and coupons, since the nature of Twitter allows followers to respond to promotions quickly. Provide exclusive offers to build a sense of ownership among followers, and give Twitter users an incentive to follow your brand.

Dell, for example, uses Twitter to post product coupons and new product information on a daily basis. Complementing these promotional tweets, Dell also uses Twitter to provide immediate service and elicit customer feedback. So far, the company attributes $3 million in revenue to Twitter efforts.

4. Customer service
Using Twitter to provide customer service and support empowers brands to address issues quickly, supplement formal call centers, and improve brand image. Offering customer support via Twitter involves two elements:

  • Monitoring and responding: Use a service like TweetBeep to be notified by email of any brand mention – positive or negative. Then respond accordingly, but quickly and transparently.
  • Eliciting feedback: Ask questions like: What features were missing from our latest software release? What subject would you like to learn more about in our next webinar? Don’t forget to acknowledge responses.

Don’t underestimate the usefulness of the retweet, posting the same tweet of others that you think will be useful to your own following. Retweeting can help you:

  • Increase your following
  • Get your own content retweeted

Then again, don’t overestimate retweets either. If all the content you are providing can be found elsewhere, what’s the use of following?

Take some time this month to reassess how you and your company use Twitter. Is there too much of one ingredient and not enough of another? Where does Twitter use fit within your overall social media marketing strategy? Tweak the way you use Twitter until you’ve got the perfect recipe for brand engagement, interaction and awareness.

What ingredients do you include in your Twitter marketing strategy?

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  1. There are probably hundreds of articles of this nature out on the web now – Twitter tips. And yet with each one, you pick out a goody or two if you listen real close. It's like a painter. He may have a canvas that is only so large, but each layer develops a deeper and richer experience. Thanks for the good post!

  2. I love the guacamole analogy… “Too much product pushing and self-inflation, and your followers head for the hills in droves.” This is so true… there is nothing more annoying than the company that has 10+ tweets per day advertising their products. I am always impressed by the company that offers interesting and helpful information as well.

    • John, I agree with you. Personally, nothing makes me unfollow a brand or a person faster than when I feel like I'm just having product information thrown at me constantly.

  3. I have been reading your posts for sometime now and find it's about time that I made a comment. OUTSTANDING and very informational for someone trying to understand the process of marketing anything especially a website. Thanks for the information about repeating a post or retweetering as you would put it. I look forward to reading more in the near future.

    • @NCD3Inc: Thanks very much for the comment — and I'm very glad to be of some help! Are there any topics in particular you'd like to see covered in regards to content marketing or online marketing? Always looking for new ideas for posts!

  4. I love guacamole. Haven't yet gotten to that level with Twitter, but unlike guacamole, I think I've learned, my company anyway, that you can't just dip your marketing “chip” in social marketing like twitter – you have to eat a spoonful! (Though a spoonful of guac is AMAZING!)
    My question is though, as a company, how do you get people to listen to you? Do you talk first or listen first? We seldom throw product adverts out there, because I know competitors of ours who do it and it just sucks! I know how to make a great guac mix, but for twitter we're still on trial receipe #3…Great posts, btw!

  5. Nice analogy, and a great choice of tips. This post is easy for any new or current twitter user to understand. I liked your emphasis on re-tweeting. This is something that I underestimated and has really helped my presence. I like to use tweet effect to monitor the effectiveness of my posts too. There are hundreds of tools out there. Keep up the good work.

  6. great!!Interesting thing!
    This is my first time comment at your blog.
    Good recommended website.

  7. Avatar shreyamehta says

    i like all five recipes suggested by Michelle Bowles see more at:

  8. Avatar cheekugames says

    Yes unfortunately if you go at twitter its flooded with self marketing ads, quite bad ehh

  9. Today the Twitter Shorty Awards nominations closed. I've been nominated No. 1 in Marketing (community category)and waiting for official confirmation. There will be no official NYC ceremony for this category. Unfortunately. Just internet coverage.

    Your article is perfect timing & a Perfect Twitter Marketing Recipe. My best ingredient is rich content Tweets, Blogs, Websites, etc. all make for a perfect marketing recipe.

  10. A Nice One…

  11. Good info. Thanks

  12. Avatar Mark The Online Marketer says

    This is a great short guide to really maximizing your twitter marketing. I’ve really like the comparison between making food and twitter and it makes so much sense.

    You first point is awesome about “1. Relevant, informative content” This makes so much sense as it doesn’t need to always about you but the content needs to be relevant so people understand you as an authority. I’ve ready bookmarked this posting. Thanks so much for the information!

  13. Good point about content. I’m bombarded with tweets that have the exact same format; all that changes is the product. The tweets are extremely cold and impersonal.

  14. I haven't really harness the power of tweeter or other social media…I will definitely try this recipe. Thank you.

  15. Avatar businetivity says

    I am trying some of these items for my new Twitter presence. Not sure how this is going to work out — I'm trying to present mostly content from others, but blended in a unique way. So I am only partially violating the “retweet” comment here.

    Time will tell if my thoughts have value.

  16. These are effective tips or strategy for Twitter Marketing, So this recipe will may catch our husbands heart more closely.

  17. Good point about the retweets and the information from other sources. With so much data out there, being a consolidator can add real value. I guess the secret is balance between original content, consolidated content and promotions.

  18. Avatar Karmen Reed says

    Ok. lets start cooking now! Great post!

  19. Very nice tips.. everything I cover in my new twitter gude.

  20. good read..thanks for the tips, especially the re-tweeting part…this has been a strong contributor to my overall increase of followers…

  21. Avatar Sean Odell says

    Twitter is such a popular, and useful media for marketing. The GREAT thing is that you can combine different accounts so that you post in one place and the content automatically gets posted in ALL of the accounts that you have connected.

    Love Twitter. “Not so much” on the guac. : )

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  24. Avatar seoconsultant1 says

    🙂 I also do twitter marketing for the last 2 took time for me to promote my affiliate products…thanks for that post!! I'll apply those strategies that you have mentioned above so that I can promote my affiliates.

    BTW, Thanks.
    seo consultant

  25. Avatar Teresa_0222 says

    Thanks for sharing these! With the continuous growth of social media such as Twitter and Facebook, it helps when you know how to use it properly, especially if you’re using it for your business. It’s frustrating to encounter those who abuse and exploit the use of such media. It’s amazing when some get their points across and achieve success in such a fast and concise way. In this case, even 140 characters or less! 🙂

    In my tweeting experience, since it’s hard to make sure that people get what you want to say in not so many words, I just try to keep it short and simple and hopefully, understandable, interesting and effective too.

    P.S. Check out to see how you could get return on your marketing investment and to find out how else the Internet can help you realize success from your home.

  26. Thanks for sharing these! Actually, it helps the user through the registration procedure; offers advice on building a following; describes the messages themselves and how to write them; discusses ways to connect with customers and team members on Twitter; and describes how companies are using Twitter to build their brands and drive behavior.

  27. Thanks for sharing these! Actually, it helps the user through the registration procedure; offers advice on building a following; describes the messages themselves and how to write them; discusses ways to connect with customers and team members on Twitter; and describes how companies are using Twitter to build their brands and drive behavior.