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Google+ Statistics

Who’s Using Google+?

The launch of Google+ in 2011 has put Google in the social networking boxing ring.  When it comes to user statistics some of them may surprise you.  This infographic by Flowtown shares some interesting information about the increasingly popular social media site.

  • 63% of users are male
  • Only 17% of users are considered active
  • 61% of top 100 brands have a page on Google+
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Online Marketing Tips & Tricks

“10 Brand-Building Steps For Beginners” For many companies 2012 marks the year that they will begin implementing a social media strategy.  This article provides 10 easy steps for those who have not yet many the plunge into social marketing.  Via Fast Company.

“5 Tricks from a LinkedIn Jedi” According to David Gowel many entrepreneurs are not using LinkedIn as well as they could.  Gowel also shares 5 key takeaways on marketing using LinkedIn for both newbies and Jedi’s in training.  Via Inc.

How Well Do You Know Your Audience?

What Comes Before The Landing Page – The Crucial Role Of Psychology-Driven SEO”  While landing page design is important, it is not the most important factor in attracting the right audience.  Knowing your prospects, understanding their pain, and speaking their language are all key components of creating a successful landing page.  Via Search Engine Land.

“How to know what your audience really wants” Chances are your audience isn’t interested in your sales message, your company news, or hearing from you in general.  What they are interested in are answers to their questions and solutions for their problems.  How can you stand out from the pack? Answer their questions and let them know why your unique solutions will help solve their problems. Via Chris G.

Internet News Hot Dish

“Daily Report: A Legal Battle Over a Twitter User’s Identity”  We find Twitter in the middle of yet another legal battle.  This time the American Civil Liberties Union of Massachusetts is attempting to attain information regarding a Twitter account used to share information about the “occupy” protests.  What do you think?  Should this information be shared?  Via New York Times.

“5 Predictions for Social Media Law in 2012”  In 2011 there were numerous court battles caused by information shared via social networks.  As more and more companies begin utilizing social media as a sales and marketing tool we can except to see even more court battles, and laws being passed.  This article shares 5 predictions for changes to the law in 2012.  Via Mashable.

“Social marketing gems: Tools to make sense of chaos”  A social media strategy is only effective if you can measure it’s success.  Christopher Hosford shares four tools that can help measure, promote, and respond to your social media activity.  Via BtoB.

“Google Announces “Megasitelinks,” Image Search Improvements & Better Byline Dates” Starting in November 2011 Google began releasing a monthly overview of site changes to the public.  The release for December included over 30 changes!  This article provides a peak into some of the changes you may not be aware of.  Via Search Engine Land.

The TopRank Report = News from Our Team

Ken Horst – Branded Content Advertising Spend At All Time High
Branded content advertising hit an all time high in 2011.  In addition, 16% of companies surveyed said they would be aggressively shifting from traditional marketing to branded content in 2012.  Via MediaPost.

Top 3 reasons companies listed for using branded content;
1. Educate customers
2. Customer retention
3. Brand loyalty

Brian Larson – Google+ Sees Massive Membership Growth
I think this is a fascinating story detailing the resurgence of Google+. With the use of the social network flattening out in October, this new growth (largely the result of Google+ Business Pages) makes the social network that much more relevant to our audience.  Via Mashable.

Alexis Hall – NSTIC, Google & SEO
This interesting story features a video discussing the National Strategy for Trusted Identities  in Cyberspace (NSTIC) and the Identity Ecosystem, and what it means that sites like Google, PayPal and Equifax are now credentialed providers.  The article discusses the impact of credentialed providers on online privacy, data collection and why any of it matters for SEO.  Via Search Engine Watch.

Emily Conley – The 5 Things Yahoo’s New CEO Scott Thompson Should Do Right Away
This article outlines 5 things that newly appointed Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson (former president of PayPal) should do immediately to leave his mark on the Yahoo brand:

  • Move on the buyout position – China-based web firm Alibaba (40% Yahoo owned) has expressed interest in purchasing Yahoo
  • Fix the board – The board’s June 2010 failure to oust CEO Carol Bartz rubbed shareholders the wrong way
  • Follow Google and choose a direction – Yahoo has positioned itself as an innovative tech company, but should hone in on what they currently do well and focus efforts there
  • Fix the brand – Yahoo’s old brand image could use an innovative, technology-savvy update
  • Build a strategy to compete with Facebook – Yahoo needs to stake a claim in the social media realm

It will be interesting to see how 2012 unfolds for Yahoo.  As one of the most visited sites on the web, Yahoo’s next steps could have a big impact on the world of SEO.  This is a story worth following!  Via Fast Company.

Today marks the end of the first full work week in 2012.  I’m curious to know if you’ve kept your personal and professional resolutions so far?.  If so, what were they?  Have a great weekend!

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