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TopRank Speaking Events Q2 2014

During the first 3 months of 2014, I’ve had a great opportunity to connect with marketers from London to Las Vegas sharing best practices and learning what’s on the mind of the marketing and PR community.

Those experiences have helped me take the temperature of what marketers questions are so I can apply those insights in our consulting and for future presentations. Topics that seemed to be high in demand include working with influencers in combination with content marketing and social media.  

As popular as content and social media marketing are in terms of increasing budgets and implementations, many marketers are still wondering about best practices and how to get the most from their investments. This was clear from all the questions and follow up engagement I received from recent events like ClickZ Live in New York and the Marketo Marketing Nation Summit in San Francisco.

I’ll be answering many of those questions with speaking engagements in Q2 of 2014 along with several keynotes that focus on “Future of” topics.  Here’s the breakdown of those events, topics and locations from New York to Bucharest to Minneapolis – I hope to see you at one or more of them:


May 6-7, 2014 – Event Info
B2B / C2C – Content2Conversion Conference, New York
Speaking May 6th, 2:45pm
Influencer Content: How to Win Buyers Hearts, Minds and Wallets with Content Optimized for Search, Share and Sales
Shock and awe content simply isn’t sustainable for most organizations. But what if B2B marketers could tap into a rich source of content optimized for engagement, sharing and lead gen? Through several B2B influencer content case studies, this presentation will help you learn seven steps to developing an influencer content program that will grow your network and inspire more leads.

Authority Intensive Copyblogger

May 7-9, 2014 – Event Info
Copyblogger Authority Intensive, Denver (Sold Out!)
Speaking May 9th, 9:40am
How to Be the Best Answer Wherever Customers Are Looking
Brands large and small are waging a content war that’s increasingly difficult to win. Competition for time and attention has grown exponentially as brands, publishers and empowered consumers blast the web with more information in two days than between the dawn of time to 2003. Buyers are looking for answers in that sea of information muck and in order for brands to stand out, they must become “the best answer” when and where it matters most. This presentation will provide a model for understanding how a target audience discovers, consumes and acts on information so digital marketing and PR programs can be optimized for authority to attract, engage and convert more effectively.


May 13, 2014 – Event Info
PRSA Webinar
Speaking May 13th, 3pm
The Future of Digital PR is Integrated – How to Win With an Integrated Marketing Approach
Singular channels of digital marketing and communications are no longer effective. The changing digital media landscape combined with more sophisticated consumer behaviors means brands are competing for time and attention with other companies, as well as their customers. In this webinar, you will learn about:
* The foundation of an integrated marketing and PR strategy.
* A marketing case study that integrated PR.
* A PR case study that integrated marketing.

WVU IMC logo

May 30-31, 2014 – Event Info
WVU IMC’s INTEGRATE Conference, Morgantown, WV
Speaking May 31st, 9:45am
Digital Convergence: Integrating Marketing and Public Relations
* 3 trends in social media and content marketing
* 3 questions and answers on converged digital marketing and PR
* 1 model for digital marketing and PR success

Fusion Marketing Experience

June 1o, 2014 – Event Info
Fusion Marketing Experience – Content Marketing Conference, Antwerp Belgium
Speaking June 10th, 9:40am (Opening keynote)
Attract, Engage, Convert – How to Be the Best Answer Wherever Customers Are Looking
Search, social, content,… The way consumers discover, consume and act on information has totally changed. The consumer is at the center of an integrated media approach (owned, earned, shared) and Lee Odden offers an effective content marketing approach to win the heart, mind and wallet of the connected customer.

iceefest logo

June 12-13, 2014 – Event Info
ICEEfest, Bucharest, Romania
Speaking June 13, 9:00am (Keynote)
How to Win Friends and Influence the Influencers
Information overload numbs consumers to branded content but 85% seek advice from experts and influencers for purchases. Through several examples, learn how to develop an influencer content marketing program that’s optimized for search, socialized for engagement and publicized for exposure to all new communities and buyers.

MnSearch Summit

June 27, 2014 – Event Info
MnSearch Summit, Minneapolis, MN
Speaking June 27th, 8:20am
The Future Role of Search in an Integrated Marketing World
Search has long been one of the highest performing channels for digital marketers and while consumers are hardly displacing search for social networks, the environment for information discovery, engagement and action is far more dynamic than during the golden days of SEO and PPC. This presentation will highlight the future role of SEO and an “optimized” approach to digital marketing that integrates across channels and platforms to deliver the best possible experience for customers and business goals.

Whether you’re in New York, Denver, West Virginia, Antwerp, Bucharest or Minneapolis, I hope to see you at one of these events.

What events will you be attending in April, May and June of this year? What topics are you most interested in?

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  1. Looks like I’ll be seeing you at the MNSearch Summit! I’ll also be heading to Seattle in July for MozCon, and Iowa City in September for Social Brand Forum.

  2. Power list of conferences Lee!

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  3. Wow it looks like a busy schedule Lee!

  4. This is not only a busy schedule but also an exciting one. Why exciting? There are are many events which really act as power boosters for online marketers. But hey, you have missed one event. It is Click Asia Summit.

  5. Positive move for attending niche conference’s,sharing information its create positive move for a business executive how turnout our investments,Today business development executives looking for digital marketing for generating leads for business prospective.