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Top 50 People Most ReTweeted by Digital Marketers – What Does It Mean?

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When identifying influencers as part of your social media and content marketing program, topic match and popularity are not enough to qualify an influencer as “effective”.

By effective, I mean the ability and likelihood that a person can actually inspire action amongst a community.

To determine the effectiveness dimension, it’s important to use tools that look at other criteria such as the extent to which people respond and take action in response to a person. When it comes to Twitter, things like ReTweets and sharing of links are signals worth looking at.

To shine a light on the digital marketing category, Leadtail and Punchtab have published a new report (h/t SocialFresh) “How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter” that includes a list of publishers and people that are the most often mentioned and ReTweeted by digital marketers.

Social Media Insights: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter

The report also includes topics that digital marketers are discussing on Twitter and their top content sources. (download report here)

Discover, Consume, Act:

The information in reports like this one can be pretty useful for understanding how influencers interact with social content. The formula is pretty straightforward:  How do influencers discover new information, what are their preferences for content consumption and engagement, which topical triggers will inspire them to take action?

If you’re working in the digital marketing influencer space, this kind of report can be insightful. Keep in mind, it’s a snapshot of interactions and activity over a 2 month period of time, vs. an extended period.

Congratulations to the many people in the digital marketing and PR space that appear in the list – your curating and sharing is what makes the social web go ’round!

There are several lists and word clouds in the report, but here’s the list of the 50 people most ReTweeted by Digital Marketers. Yes, I’m as surprised as you are to see me in the #5 slot just below Jeremiah Owyang and above Guy Kawasaki:

1. Jay Baer – @jaybaer
2. Vala Afshar – @ValaAfshar
3. Chris Brogan – @chrisbrogan
4. Jeremiah Owyang – @jowyang
5. Lee Odden – @leeodden
6. Guy Kawasaki – @GuyKawasaki
7. Brian Solis – @briansolis
8. Ann Handley – @MarketingProfs
9. Danny Sullivan – @dannysullivan
10. Darren Rovell – @darrenrovell
11. Mark Johnson – @MJohnsonLoyalty
12. R Ray Wang – @rwang0
13. Sean Gardner – @2morrowknight
14. Richard Branson – @richardbranson
15. Maria Popova – @brainpicker
16. Mark W Schafer – @markwschaefer
17. Amber Naslund – @AmberCadabra
18. Jeff Bullas – @jeffbullas
19. Glen Gilmore – @GlenGilmore
20. Mari Smith – @MariSmith
21. Shelly Kramer – @ShellyKramer
22. Michael Brenner – @BrennerMichael
23. Barack Obama – @BarackObama
24. Rainn Wilson – @rainnwilson
25. Neil Tyson Degrasse – @neiltyson
26. Anil Dash – @anildash
27. Anthony DeRosa – @AntDeRosa
28. Ann Tran – @AnnTran_
29. Bruce Van Horn – @BruceVH
30. Nick Bilton – @nickbilton
31. Peter Shankman – @petershankman
32. Mark Ragan – @MarkRaganCEO
33. Dan Primack – @danprimack
34. Brian Fanzo – @iSocial_Fanz
35. Mack Collier – @MackCollier
36. Tim Siedel – @badbanana
37. Ted Rubin – @TedRubin
38. Chris Voss – @CHRISVOSS
39. Gerry Moran – @GerryMoran
40. Brian Morrissey – @bmorrissey
41. Heidi Cohen – @heidicohen
42. Lolly Daskal – @LollyDaskal
43. Stephen Colbert – @StephenAtHome
44. Magic Johnson – @MagicJohnson
45. George Takei – @GeorgeTakei
46. Ariana Huffington – @ariannahuff
47. Marc Andreessen- @pmarca
48. Elon Musk – @elonmusk
49. Kim Garst – @kimgarst
50. Gary Vaynerchuk – @garyvee

I’m sure people are wondering, “How do you get ReTweeted more often than “real” business celebrities like Richard Branson or Ariana Huffington?

Clearly those with large networks and that consistently share useful information are going to be engaged with and mentioned more often.

Additionally, if someone on a list like this is an active public speaker and smart about promoting live tweeting during their presentations, they’re going to rank pretty high. Also, if you’re a guest on several Twitter chats during the sample period, that can boost RT numbers too. Those of us that work with this kind of project and data will dig and dig until we find answers so we can develop an informed approach.

With lists like this, it’s worth making the effort to distinguish the merit of the influencer over time vs. the merit of the moment because of events. High engagement for both situations is great – it’s just that you may want to approach influencers differently based on where they’re getting that engagement from. Ex: Connecting via a Twitter chat vs. pitching via email.

Another consideration for lists that are samples from social networks like Twitter is that engagement levels for many influencers is dynamic.

Topsy Tweets

Taking a took at the past 30 days of RT + Twitter handles for the top 3 on the most ReTweeted list, @ValaAfshar (CMO at Extreme Networks) clearly dominates when factoring in all Twitter users vs. just digital marketers. That’s something to consider as you evaluate influencers as effective over time with a broader audience.

What else can you do with a list like this?

Part of the identification and recruiting of influencers involves networking your way into their social field of view. For example, I’m not connected to every relevant digital marketing person on this list but there could be mutual connections that could be leveraged.

To find out where those connection opportunities might be, I logged in to a tool called Traackr, which has an awesome new(ish) feature that allows you to import a list of Twitter handles to create a Group or Project. From there you can get info on the other social networks the influencers are active on, latest content published or shared and a sweet visualization of how they’re connected. Disclaimer: Traackr provides me a limited version of their tool with no obligation.

For this post, I imported the list of 50 people most ReTweeted by Digital Marketers above and filtered down to those I have the strongest connections with. You can do this for any known entity discovered through the influencer search or for those who you import.

marketing influencer connections

From here you can click on any “node” to see specific connections and even social network data for each person. I’m showing a visualization here, but you can see the info in a more tabular format too.  It also suggests other influencers you may want to add based on characteristics of the list you imported. It’s a pretty cool tool actually and I’ve found myself using it more often.

Who influences the influencers?

Another approach to take with lists like this is to find out who influences the influencers you would like to connect with.

Jay Baer Influencers

In this view, the blue lines pointing inwards represent influencers of the influencer in question.  The idea here would be the “influenced by” dimension can help reveal introduction and engagement opportunities by identifying the second level influencers you’re already connected with. For example, if you’re already connected with Kim Garst and Mark Schaefer (lucky you) those connections could be useful in a pitch to Jay: “We already have Kim and Mark on board and would love to have you too…”

How you execute on these opportunities for connecting with influencers depends on which networks you already have connections on, timeframe, and what you want them to do.

You could also use a tool like BuzzSumo to drill down into the influencer’s blog and see who is sharing their posts. Additionally, you can use BuzzSumo to get a list of the links shared by a particular influencer on Twitter to see who they are often pointing to. You can drill down on each of those shares to see other influencers sharing the same link. Most of the data from BuzzSumo can be exported so you can crunch away.

buzzsumo links shared

There are many ways to use lists like this to identify influencers and influencer engagement opportunities. The good and bad news of tools is that there are way too many specialized tools that do the same kind of thing and very few that do most of the things you might want to do.  Rest assured, I’ll continue testing and share tools here.

Congratulations to everyone and the publications included in this report. It can be very satisfying to learn from 3rd party sources that the social content you’re sharing has resonated with a relevant audience.

If you were making a short list of digital marketing publications and another list of individuals, who would you include?

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Great post Lee, and super useful!

  2. Avatar heyitskarri says

    Hi Lee,

    Thanks so much for digging in to the lists and providing lots of ideas for how marketers can use the data to drive better marketing. That’s exactly our goal in publishing these reports – to provide data and insights that smart folks will use in their own creative ways to up their game.

    (BTW, I’ve long been an admirer of what you do here on TopRank, so it’s a banner day for me that you’ve found value in our latest report. Thanks so much!)

  3. Thanks Lee! Connecting boils down to engaging, retweeting, helping, and popping up on someone’s radar frequently. Thanks, awesome list!

  4. Avatar ShellyKramer says

    Great dive into a list – making it exponentially more valuable from a “how can I use this kind of thing to benefit me and my business or my goals” than anyone else has managed to do. Thanks, Lee.

    • Thank you Shelly – I appreciate that. It was interesting to look at each Twitter account in this list to identify most fave’d and RT’d posts. The disparity is amazing between those that are popular “brandividuals” with high follower counts and those that get consistent levels of high engagement “influencers”.

  5. @leeodden:disqus You stated: “By effective, I mean the ability and likelihood that a person can actually inspire action amongst a community.”

    -Because this data was taken over a 2month time period I believe its valuable and current but also doesn’t tell an extended story but at the same time with as much change and how quickly “who influences who changes..it is important with social data we focus on today & tomorrow as the past is old and out of the date and the future we can’t predict.. If you were doing this list or the research how far back would you look at data to know how influential someone was today?

    I know & fully embrace the fact that I snuck onto a list full of people that I look up too, are mentored by or whose content I share & learn from daily While at the same time knowing that people like what I share only inspires me to increase that scale and find new ways to show value and “effectively influence my community!” But before I focus on scale I want to truly understand the data that matters!

    Thanks again for this great right up it has me deep in research and geeking out over as much data as I can get my hands on based on these Top 50!

    • Thanks for commenting Brian and congratulations!

      I think 2-3 months is fine and naming the report accordingly would help readers understand that it’s a snapshot. Ex: How Digital Marketers Engage on Twitter Q1 2014″.

      That would actually be a good approach for the sponsor as it would give a reason to release the report quarterly, creating anticipation and readership momentum with each release.

      I think Leadtail did a fine job of pulling together the data and as with all things data, there are opportunities to crunch it further and think of things outside of the original focus.

      • Thanks @leeodden:disqus for the reply..

        I agree and like the idea of naming to a time period since we know that influence and value in social is something that is only valuable in the real-time.

        As a social data geek I love taking data and finding new ways that to look at the data and even coming at it from a fresh perspective . Great job on this post! Big fan!

  6. Thanks for the detailed explanation. A great list there, need to start following some of them now!

  7. Great read! Thanks!

  8. Avatar Ricardo Saldivar says

    I do RT Jeff Bullas all the time, I wonder how much time he has to blog so much good content. Check it out.

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  10. Avatar Ron Bradley says

    Great article Lee, thanks!

  11. In my humble opinion:

    1) One hour on Twitter is equal to 1 week in Real Life

    2) Twitter follows the model of High School ‘Clicks’; Community support doesn’t necessarily mean they are making the ‘best/significant’ comments.

    3) ‘Catch Phrasing’ or ‘Coining’ information that is commonly understood might be a better way to remember it, it isn’t expanding market growth.

  12. Somehow I figured out that people with more social and public influences in marketing are re-tweeted more than other marketer with less exposure to public relations.

    If I am not wrong, I realized that direct interactions has a great impact on marketing success in long run. Its all about consistency and quality engagement with fellow marketers, customers and media enthusiast, as mentioned in the post.

    Thanks for sharing the inspirational post.

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  14. Avatar lollydaskal says

    Fantastic List! Thank you so much for sharing.

  15. Avatar Maria Rekrut says

    Great list, certainly I’ll be following more influencers!!