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Infographic: Create Better Visual Content – 10 Tips from EMC, Cisco, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Tumblr

Visual Content Marketing Infographic

“And what is the use of a book,” thought Alice, “without pictures or conversation?”  Alice in Wonderland

Tell me something. When you look at your email inbox, feed reader or favorite social network, are you underwhelmed with information?

I didn’t think so.

It’s funny to think that way back when, you could get up and grab a cup of coffee while your email downloaded though a dial up connection. Today, it’s all information overload wherever you go: laptop, tablet or smartphone. The Cheshire Cat would probably like being able to blend in with all that information noise but we have businesses to run and customers to attract!

That’s why visual content is so important. Content with images gets noticed, is more interesting and people engage with visual content more. But how?

To help us see the light, I connected with 9 other speakers from Content Marketing World and tapped my own brain for some tips for this handy infographic – created by Christie Anderson from my team at TopRank Marketing.

The marketing smarts amongst this group is impressive. Except maybe that fellow with a silent “d” in his last name. They include: Maggie Burke, Tim Washer, Brant McLean, Carla Johnson, Steve Clayton, Mark Schaefer, Lee Odden, Jim Kukral, Jason Miller, and Pam Didner who will be publishing her new book on Global Content Marketing very soon.

The insights from this infographic are all taken from an Visual Content Marketing eBook we created in partnership with the Content Marketing Institute and sponsored by Curata.

As a classic and very visual story, Alice in Wonderland serves as a great theme for this eBook complete with ideas on how to bring more visual awesome to your content marketing. From the power of humor to the impact of video and repurposing visually, this eBook offers a great preview of the insight you’ll get at Content Marketing World.

Maggie Burke, EMC Corporation
Good storytelling is all about what we see. If you know where to look, the stories are there. @MaggieEMCTV Tweet this

Tim Washer, Cisco Systems 
The lesson from Lewis Carroll is that nonsense literature has global reach & timeless appeal. Embrace the nonsense! @timwasher Tweet this

Jason Miller, LinkedIn
Visuals are the new headline. Start by adding images to LinkedIn posts to increase comments by 98%. @jasonmillerca Tweet this

Pam Didner, Global Content Marketing
If you need more images in your content, try repurposing existing content in visual ways. @pamdidner Tweet this

Brant McLean, Tumblr 
Images are the preferred currency for communication online & sharable content need to align with platforms, make consumption easy & tell a universal story. Tweet this

Carla Johnson, Type A Communications 
Buyers need to “see” content before they understand & believe, so make sure your content is visual.  @carlajohnson Tweet this

Steve Clayton, Microsoft 
In a world of information abundance, it is visuals that break through & create connections with your audience. @stevecla Tweet this

Mark Schaefer, Schaefer Marketing Solutions 
Ignite your content online & off by creating highly visual content, strong calls to action & unique visuals. @markwschaefer Tweet this

Lee Odden, TopRank Online Marketing 
It’s not enough to inform buyers with content. Content needs to make people feel what the brand stands for.  @leeodden Tweet this

Jim Kukral, FunnerVids.com
Give new life to your content by repurposing as video. Data + animation will engage & inform your audience at the same time. @JimKukral Tweet this

Click on the graphic below for the full version of the Visual Content Marketing Infographic (opens a larger pdf file in a new window)

Visual Content Marketing Infographic

Let’s Get Visual

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Learn how TopRank co-creates content with influencers, just like this infographic and the eBook it represents. I will be presenting at Content Marketing World on Sept 9th at 3:30pm on how companies can attract, engage and recruit industry influencers to partner on content projects, just like this one.

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