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Forbes’ 50 Most Influential CMOs of 2014

Posted on Nov 11th, 2014
Written by Lee Odden
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    Influential CMOs 2014

    Forbes recently published a list of the 50 most influential CMOs of 2014 in conjunction with the folks at Appinions. According the to AdAge article where I discovered the list, “the CMOs were ranked by how they have established themselves by sharing opinions that and generate significant reactions.”

    More specifically, Appinions analyzed over 100 million articles from news, blog, and social media sources, noting opinions from and reactions to CMOs from 500 of the Forbes Global 2000 largest companies. From that analysis, they created an influence score and ranking.

    eMarketer has reported in the past that consumers appreciate brands more when C-level executives are active on social media. Social media is a great way for CMOs to show their “people” skills and their digital savvy in today’s world of all digital, all the time.

    I was happy to see Karen Quintos of Dell appearing on the list as Dell is one of our clients. In fact, Technology company CMOs (ex: Apple, Google, Dell, EMC, Cisco, Go Daddy) fared the best in this research with 41% of the list, followed by 25% from the Automotive industry.

    The most influential brands specific to online marketing included: Facebook, Google, Twitter, YouTube, and Amazon.

    The 5 most influential CMOs in the online marketing space are:

    • Barb Rechterman – GoDaddy
    • Ariel Kelman – Amazon
    • Lorraine Twohill – Google
    • Blair Christie – Cisco
    • Mark Addicks – General Mills.

    Here’s the full list of most influential CMOs and where I could find them, I added Twitter handles or links to LinkedIn profiles for each marketing executive in the list:

    1. Phil Schiller, Apple – @pschiller
    2. David Lauren, Ralph Lauren – @davidlauren
    3. Tim Mahoney, General Motors – /in/timothy-mahoney
    4. Jim Farley, Ford – /in/jim-farley
    5. John Frascotti, Hasbro – /in/john-frascotti
    6. Kristin Lemkau, JPMorgan Chase – @KLemkau
    7. Trevor Edwards, Nike – /in/trevor-edwards
    8. Beth Comstock, General Electric – @bethcomstock
    9. Seth Farbman, Gap – @sethfarbman
    10. Alain Visser, Volvo – Corporate bio
    11. Matt Jauchius, Nationwide Mutual – @mattjauchius
    12. Richelle Parham, eBay – @RichelleParham
    13. Martine Reardon, Macy’s –  /in/martine-reardon
    14. Kevin Krone, Southwest –  /in/kevin-m-krone
    15. Olivier Francois, Fiat Chrysler – Corp bio
    16. Stephanie Linnartz, Marriott – /in/stephanielinnartz
    17. Andrew Nocella, American Airlines – /in/andrew-nocella
    18. Barb Rechterman, GoDaddy – @HorsesToHarleys
    19. Blair Christie, Cisco – @BlairChristie
    20. Anne Finucane, Bank of America – @AnneFinucane
    21. Russell Wager, Mazda – @Russell_Wager
    22. Jim Berra, Carnival – @jbnmiami
    23. Jeremy Burton, EMC – @jburton
    24. Alan Gershenhorn, UPS – @AlanGershenhorn
    25. Tony Pace, Doctor’s Associates (Subway) –
    26. Keith Weed, Unilever – @keithweed
    27. Dorothy Dowling, Best Western –
    28. Ola Kallenius, Mercedes-Benz –
    29. Dana Anderson, Mondelez – /in/dana-anderson
    30. Ariel Kelman, Amazon – @akelman
    31. Michael Zuna, Aflac – @mzuna
    32. Jeannine Haas, Avis Budget Group – @jninehaas
    33. Karen Quintos, Dell – @karendellcmo
    34. Ken Chaplin, Trans Union – /in/kenchaplin
    35. Khaled Elkhouly, Etisalat – /in/khaled-elkhouly
    36. Lorraine Twohill, Google – /in/lorraine-twohill
    37. Mark Hug, Prudential Financial – /in/mark-hug
    38. Roel de Vries, Nissan – /in/roel-de-vries/
    39. Mike Wege, Hershey Company – in/mike-wege
    40. Brian Smith, Lexus – /in/brian-smith
    41. David Christopher, AT&T – /in/david-christopher
    42. Loren Angelo, Audi – /in/loren-angelo
    43. Deanie Elsner, Kraft – @deanie_elsner
    44. Roy Benin, Mars – /in/roy-benin
    45. Ann Mukherjee, Frito-Lay – Profile
    46. Andrea Riley, Ally Financial –
    47. Ann Glover, Voya Financial – /in/abglover
    48. Jeffrey Hirsch, Time Warner Cable – @jeffreyahirsch
    49. Andy England, MillerCoors – /in/andy-england
    50. Johan Buse, SingTel – /in/johan-buse

    Quite a few of these CMOs are not active on social networks – in a professional capacity at least.

    What do you think about that? Is it a lost opportunity for these marketing leaders to be absent from social conversations or is it prudent since a presence would boost expectations for dialog that may not be relevant?

    Top photo: Shutterstock