1. Avatar Leila De la Fuente says:

    Great article! Humans of New York is a great example of a site that really dominates at long-form social content. Posts usually span over multiple Facebook status updates, but receive millions of likes, shares and comments.

    Thanks for the great piece!

  2. Avatar Elah Moshtagh says:

    Useful links, thanks for sharing.

  3. I never thought of writing long from content on social media before, quite an interesting perspective.

    • Caitlin Burgess Caitlin Burgess says:

      It may not be something for every brand, but it’s definitely worth thinking about.

  4. Caitlin Burgess Caitlin Burgess says:

    I think that could be a great place to start. My best advice here is to treat long-form posts on social media as you would any other content you create for your website, blog or as a guest post. Post with purpose, create something that has value for your audience, and as we say a lot here, be the best answer.