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CMWorld In-Flight Content Guide: Creating a Memorable Content Experience

Posted on May 24th, 2017
Written by TopRank Marketing
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    Today’s modern customer is OBSESSED with experience. Everything from the ability to quickly order an Uber through a mobile app to spending hard-earned money on trips and adventures, not your typical investments.

    The customer expectations for content marketing experiences are no different. In fact, a recent study by Kampyle found that 87% of customers think brands need to put more effort into providing a consistent experience.

    So now that you’ve prepped for your content marketing journey by diving into our first eBook, In-Flight Content Guide: Prepping for Your Content Marketing Expedition, it’s time to create a great experience.

    To help set you down the path to creating a great “in-flight”content  experience for your customers, TopRank Marketing and Content Marketing Institute have partnered to bring you yet another go-to-guide from some of the brilliant minds speaking at Content Marketing World in September.

    Feel free to get up and stretch your legs as we expect a smooth flight ahead. Then buckle up and get ready for our second of three eBooks titled: In-flight Content Guide: Creating a Memorable Content Experience where our content crew shares their top tips for creating a great content experience.

    For this edition, we offer a big thank you to the content marketing experts that contributed including: Ann Handley, Doug Kessler, Wil Reynolds, Michael Brenner, Ian Cleary, Jay Baer, Matt Heinz, Ardath Albee, Carla Johnson, Jillian Hillard, Ahava Leibtag and Scott Berinato.

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    Slow your publishing process to ensure content is as valuable as it could be. @marketingprofs Click To Tweet A great experience starts with disrupting expectations. @CarlaJohnson Click To Tweet Spend time with people in your target audience to make better content experiences @dougkessler Click To Tweet Uncover audience questions and use them in content to improve site rankings. @wilreynolds Click To Tweet A great content experience starts with a story. @BrennerMichael Click To Tweet Visual communication helps create great content experiences for your audience. @scottberinato Click To Tweet Content can be found anywhere, but good content is read. @JillianHillard Click To Tweet Before you create content, write down the problem you are solving for them (Purpose). @jaybaer Click To Tweet Make the audience the hero of the story you're telling. @ardath421 Click To Tweet In content creation, when you share 'what to do', think also about 'how to do'. @IanCleary Click To Tweet Create interactive content to get your audience directly engaged. @HeinzMarketing Click To Tweet Ask your audience what type of content is most helpful to create great experiences. @ahaval Click To Tweet

    What’s Next?

    Stay tuned for the final eBook in our series, the In-Flight Content Guide: Making the Most of Your Content Journey.  

    Content Marketing World 2017
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