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Digital Marketing News: Rewarded Ads, Google’s Podcast Push, SEO’s B2B Power, & YouTube’s Ratio Refinements

Posted on Aug 3rd, 2018
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • Digital Marketing News: Rewarded Ads, Google’s Podcast Push, SEO’s B2B Power, & YouTube’s Ratio Refinements
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    Industry Group Finds Consumers Love ‘Rewarded’ Ads: Marketers, Less So
    A new collaborative study by the Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), OpenX, and MediaMath looks at view-and-reward advertising, rewarded opt-in ad types, and what they may mean for digital marketers going forward. MediaPost

    Google Has A Podcast App, But Does It Have A Podcasting Strategy?
    Google is expected to increase the prominence of podcasts in all search results, expanding on limited tests it’s done with Android and Google Assistant SERPs. Forbes

    Huge chunk of young people believe advertising does not welcome diversity
    New survey data examines inclusion and diversity in advertising, and how far the industry may still have to go. Campaign US

    LinkedIn overhauls Campaign Manager for marketers managing high-volume accounts
    LinkedIn (client) will soon be rolling out a redesigned user interface allowing custom layouts for the most-used metrics, an interface-wide speed boost, and numerous other new Campaign Manager features. Marketing Land

    Snapchat ‘Storytellers’ finally pairs creators with advertisers
    A new pilot program from Snapchat is looking to court influencers and bring together creators and brands, the latest in a series of moves aimed at bringing Snap greater mainstream adoption. TechCrunch

    SEO Crucial for B2B Content Marketing Success: Survey
    Search, social, and websites are all ahead of e-mail for initial B2B discoveries, according to results of new study research. Chief Marketer


    Apple Maps takes a step in the right direction
    With Apple Maps getting a substantial overhaul, can businesses afford to skip marketing on the expanding map service? Search Engine Land

    For Better or Worse, YouTube Now Adapts to Multiple Aspect Ratios
    YouTube has changed the way it displays videos shot in formats other than the 16:9 ratio. How will the change affect marketers? Gizmodo

    Google Marketing Cloud Gets a New Enriching Destination for Content and Analytics
    Google has unveiled Marketing Cloud, as DoubleClick, Google Analytics, partnership programs and more are now combined. MarTech Series

    As Facebook user and revenue growth slows in Q2, advertisers are still on board
    Unphased by recent struggles, advertisers on Facebook continue to spend more than ever. Marketing Land


    Marketoonist Tom Fishburne Digital Ads Cartoon

    A lighthearted look at the future of digital advertising by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    The Commodore 64 Mini review — TechRadar

    Can you tell a fake laugh from real? — University of California Newsroom


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