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B2B Marketing News: B2B MarTech Complexity, Experiential Marketing Use Rises, Twitter’s Multimedia Tweets, & B2B eCommerce Grows

Posted on Oct 14th, 2022
Written by Lane Ellis
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  • B2B Marketing News: B2B MarTech Complexity, Experiential Marketing Use Rises, Twitter’s Multimedia Tweets, & B2B eCommerce Grows
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    2022 October 14 MarketingCharts Chart

    Most Marketers Report Increase in Marketing and Sales Alignment After Implementing ABM
    28 percent of B2B marketers have indicated that they had significantly better sales and marketing alignment after implementing an account-based marketing (ABM) program, with 47 percent observing a moderate increase in alignment between sales and marketing, while some 53 percent noted that ABM generated greater revenue than other marketing efforts, according to newly-released survey data. MarketingCharts

    “The best ABM strategies have a content component. When you combine ABM with content marketing, you’re doing account-based content marketing.” — Andy Crestodina @crestodina Click To Tweet

    Report: 77 percent of marketers are planning metaverse experiments
    94 percent of U.S. marketing decision-makers have said that they see the metaverse as a new opportunity for reaching potential customers, with 77 percent expecting to experiment with the developing technology, while some 73 percent said that social media was growing in importance, recently published survey data has shown. Mobile Marketing

    Twitter’s letting you combine photos, videos, and GIFs in one tweet
    Twitter has begun globally rolling out its new multimedia tweet feature, offering brands and B2B marketers alike new opportunities on the platform through the ability to uniquely mixing text, images, video and other digital assets such as animated GIFs into single tweet messages, the social media platform recently announced. The Verge

    Experiential Rebounds, Surges Double-Digits In Years Following Pandemic
    2022 is expected to see a 13.7 percent increase in U.S. spending on experiential marketing, reaching $35.6 billion, with global spending up 11.1 percent to $75.1 billion, according to newly-published forecast data of interest to digital marketers. MediaPost

    YouTube Rolls Out Updated Analytics UI in YouTube Studio App
    Google-owned YouTube has given B2B marketers using its YouTube Studio app a new unified view of a variety of key channel performance analytics data, in the latest mobile update rolled out from the video platform, YouTube announced recently. Social Media Today

    Google Data Studio Is Now Looker Studio
    Search giant Google’s acquisition of data exploration and discovery platform Looker in 2020 has brought the business intelligence platform’s functionality to Google’s Data Studio, now re-branded as Looker Studio, an enterprise business intelligence suite, Google recently announced. Search Engine Roundtable

    2022 July 15 Statistics Image

    More digital buyers means more online sales for distributors — lots more
    B2B distributor e-commerce is expected to expand by 25 percent during 2022, reaching $1.4 trillion in sales, according to newly-published forecast data, ahead of 2021’s 17 percent growth rate and $1.12 trillion in sales, and pointing to a continuing uptick in the number digital-first B2B buyers brought on during the pandemic. Digital Commerce 360

    Reddit Rolls Out Updates to Ads Manager, Including New Targeting and Creation Tools
    Social news aggregator and discussion platform Reddit has rolled out an array of new features including live chat, expanded ad-targeting options, and other changes, all added in a new version of the platform’s latest Ads Manager update, Reddit recently announced. Social Media Today

    Google Steps Up Automation To Create Assets For Ads From Website, Existing Ads
    Google has been testing an updated ad creation process in its flagship Google Ads platform that can pull in and use a variety of existing creative content from an organization’s website, allowing marketers to test the performance of automatically created assets against traditional campaigns, Google recently announced. MediaPost

    Most B2B Marketers Say Their MarTech Stack is Too Complex
    14 percent of U.S. B2B marketers have said that their marketing technology stack is exceedingly complex, with 40 percent having said their martech is too complex, while 23 percent noted a good balance in their martech solutions, according to newly-released survey data. Alongside too much complexity, less than half of B2B marketers said that they felt confident analyzing data, the survey showed. MarketingCharts


    2022 October 14 Marketoonist Comic Image

    A lighthearted look at “Brand Naming” by Marketoonist Tom Fishburne — Marketoonist

    Canva Passes 100 Million Monthly Active Users, Nearly 4x That of Adobe — PetaPixel


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