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Yahoo! to charge companies to ensure search index placement – Site Match, the commercial paid inclusion component of the new program, will be available on a subscription or full-service basis directly from Overture and other resellers.

eWeek’s Take on Google Relevance Snippet: “Google’s reliance on link popularity may have finally hit a wall. Past a certain point, link counting rewards “optimized” sites rather than lesser-known sites that may contain exactly what you need.”

Practical Guide to Basic SEO – Not a bad rundown of tactics, shameless plug included. From iMedia Connection.

From WebProWorld:
Two ways to get your site listed in Yahoo! (both require a Yahoo membership):

1- If you have an RSS link that you would like for Yahoo to crawl, you must become a Yahoo member and then add your own RSS link to http://my.yahoo.com This will cause your information and feed to show up on My Yahoo! and will also submit the feed to Yahoo! Search. Tim says this method is a great backdoor into the Yahoo! system. More info on RSS Yahoo.

2 – Yahoo is adding a new Add URL program. The Add URL program is a free service to Yahoo! members. When I have more information on this I will post.

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