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Lee Odden

Friday Online Marketing Bits

Lee Odden on Sep 30th, 2005     Online Marketing

Google to build monster office on NASA property -“Google Inc. confirmed Wednesday that it will build up to 1 million square feet of offices at NASA Ames Research Center and collaborate with the space agency on research surrounding topics such as supercomputing that could benefit everything from moon launches to online searches.” – SFGate

Yahoo Desktop Search Out of Beta and adds contextual web search – Yahoo Search Blog

Many marketers are still clueless on search engine optimization via OMMA East conference. A bit of an understatement I’d say. At the same time, that also means huge opportunity for search engine marketing firms. – MediaPost

For those of you still gaga over PageRank, SEO Chat has a “search by PageRank” tool. The search results are ordered by PageRank, but what’s really useful are the links to view META Data, Inbound Links, Analyze Links, Cached Version and Similar Web Sites.

Lee Odden

It Lives! Yahoo Site Explorer

Lee Odden on Sep 29th, 2005     Online Marketing

Yahoo Site Explorer
Several SEO blogs have noted today that Yahoo has made the Yahoo Site Explorer tool live. This tool lets you check all the pages of a site that have been indexed as well as all the inlinks.

You can also save the search results as a tab delimited file and subscribe to the search results as a feed. Very cool.

More info here and there’s an API. Yahoo Search Blog has now added a post.

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Lee Odden

How search engines rank web pages

Lee Odden on Sep 29th, 2005     Online Marketing

As time goes on it seems there are more and more misconceptions and outdated ideas floating out in forums, old articles and even in some presentations about how search engines rank web pages. On occasion, a well-meaning SEO will write an article that describes what is currently understood as search engine ranking methods and I’ve included two examples here.

The first is an interesting list of Google Ranking factors I’ve had bookmarked for a while which lists quite a few considerations on how Google (may or may not) rank web pages. Some of the info comes from observations and experience and some comes from a review of Google patents.

Lee Odden

Lee Odden on Sep 29th, 2005     Online Marketing is a blog submission tool that differs in that it sends you a confirmation email with a status of each submission. The tool is free and submits an RSS or Atom feed to 20 blog search engines. To see how well it works I will use it right after saving this post.

Lee Odden

Andy Beal Goes Interactive

Lee Odden on Sep 28th, 2005     Online Marketing

A bit late on this I know, but better late than never! Andy Beal who was previously VP at Websourced – KeywordRanking has started Fortune Interactive.

“an interactive marketing agency that focuses on search engine marketing – and have joined forces with an expert in linguistics, LSI and artificial intelligence, Michael Marshall.”

From the looks of the content on the site, they’ve focused on solving what most dissatisfied SEO clients complain about – proactive, ongoing communication. That, in addition to something called SEMLogic – which uses clustering and latent semantic indexing to examine a client?Ǭís industry, competition and key phrase selections.

Andy also writes a blog called Marketing Pilgrim. You can see Andy in action at the upcoming Pubcon 10 conference in Las Vegas.

Lee Odden

Blogs: Brand Builders or Brand Killers?

Lee Odden on Sep 28th, 2005     Online Marketing

The Times Online reported today the results of a recent survey of PR consultants on blogs and brand reputation:

“Nearly 60 per cent of respondents said that companies have not yet woken up to the risks, and 64 per cent said that a disgruntled employee or customer could cause significant damage to a firm‚Äôs reputation by posting damaging remarks on blogs”

For companies evaluating whether they should start a business blog or not, consider:

No blog – means not engaging in the dialogue that is happening with or without you. Unaddressed or poor response to negative commentary on blogs about your brand can be disasterous. Land Rover, Dell and Kryptonite Locks are perfect examples. There are others, but they are my clients :)

Lee Odden

SearchReturn Discussion List

Lee Odden on Sep 27th, 2005     Online Marketing

The first issue of the Discussion List was sent out today. Good things from Detlev Johnson about “Understanding Internet Search Technology”.

Detlev used to moderate the I-Search discussion list way back when. I had posted about Online Marketing Blog/2005/09/i-search-reborn-as-searchreturn.html” rel=”tag”>I-Search being reborn as SearchReturn earlier this month. If you’re interested in learning more about search engine marketing and optimization from some seriously experienced online marketers, subscribe to SearchReturn.

Lee Odden

Moved to FeedBlitz

Lee Odden on Sep 27th, 2005     Online Marketing

For the past year or so, I’ve used Bloglet to manage the email notifications of blog posts. Today I’ve transferred that function over to FeedBlitz. If you are a subscriber to Online Marketing Blog email alerts, then the next email update you’ll receive will be from FeedBlitz.

Lee Odden

Google Birthday (for real this time)

Lee Odden on Sep 27th, 2005     Online Marketing

Google decides today is it’s birthday. I had previously posted that Online Marketing Blog/2005/09/search-engine-and-blog-news-bits.html”>Google was 7 on Sept 7th, but they’ve removed that info from their site and decided today is the day.

Happy 7th Google!

Lee Odden

Netvibes Worth Checking Out

Lee Odden on Sep 24th, 2005     Online Marketing

If you have the time, there are some interesting things you can find in your blog’s referrer logs on a Saturday morning. For example, I noticed traffic coming from a place called Netvibes so I checked it out.


Netvibes is a very customizable content aggregator, rss reader that was just launched a week ago. It’s very much like Google’s personalized search and MSN’s functionally because of the use of Ajax. With Google, you have to login to drag and drop content. With Start and Netvibes you don’t. All three offer preset news feeds, weather, etc.

Netvibes offers some additional features such as the ability to import, download and listen to podcasts and also check your e-mail on one or many Gmail accounts.

Lee Odden

SearchFox – RSS Reader That Learns

Lee Odden on Sep 24th, 2005     Online Marketing

I recently became aware of a newer social bookmarking tool called SearchFox. I’ve tried it out and it works pretty slick.

What got my attention was that SearchFox Now offers a new machine learning RSS reader in beta that prioritizes “new content from feeds based on your historical reading behavior, as well as data gathered from the SearchFox community as a whole.” Since most most RSS readers list feeds only in chronological order, SearchFox offers an advantage by learning what interests you along with other users’ interests and rank feeds accordingly. You can toggle this filter on/off.

The SearchFox RSS reader is in beta right now and it’s an invite only sort of thing, but you can request one here on the SearchFox blog. Until you get your invite, here’s a nifty preview movie.

Lee Odden

Agency SEO Beats In-house SEO

Lee Odden on Sep 23rd, 2005     Online Marketing

MarketingSherpa’s released their 2nd Annual Search Marketing Survey with 3,271 marketers participating.

This new report includes new statistics on clicks, costs and conversions as well as information on SEM test effectiveness. There’s some pretty compelling data regarding outsourcing your SEO as well. For SEO, overall site traffic lift six months after optimization was:

Agency optimized 110% increase
In-house optimized 38% increase

While marketers using SEM were much more pleased about their PPC campaigns this year over last, 8-12% were planning on cutting SEM budgets.

Lots more info at Marketing Sherpa’s site.

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