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Editor: Here is the master list of search marketing blogs maintained weekly.
In the latter part of last year I had been sharing blogs that I came across and decided are worthy to add to my RSS reader. Topics of these blogs, as you might guess, concern search engines, search engine optimization, online PR and social media. I realize calling this a “must read” list is a bit ambitious, but I do have to say that if I had enough time to read them all, I would!

In the spirit of the new year, I thought I would share the OPML file as of January 3rd, 2007 of the 250 plus (and counting) SEO, SEM, social media and online PR blogs I try to monitor. There are quite a few gems in there but it’s nearly impossible to keep up with all of them. Even if you use Zap Reader.

In the process of revisiting each blog site and RSS feed, I have a few recommendations for bloggers:

  • Please make it easier to subscribe to your feed! Place an orange RSS icon high up on your page and don’t be afraid to use the word “subscribe” nearby. The RSS feed buttons tool can help you in this department.
  • Please add some “about” information to your blog. Without extra information about the contributor(s), there’s not as much credibility. You can still be anonymous, but add a little background info at least.
  • Take it easy on the AdSense. Too much AdSense above the fold, the less value you’re providing readers.
  • Post once in a while, will ya?! I know it’s not a top priority for many of the knowledgeable marketers out there, but think about how you can re-purpose other communications such as answering questions for prospects, customers or staff. Also, take notes when you have ideas and save them as blog post drafts. Add to them over time and soon you’ll be able to post full length articles (if that’s your thing) on a regular basis with a minimum time investment at one sitting.

Below is a collection of over 250 blogs covering search marketing with a few that venture into blogging, social media and new media public relations. This list is an output of my own RSS reader and it will update (add/remove) as I update the list of blogs and feeds that I track. I hope you find it useful.

The list will be maintained on an ongoing basis on the Search Marketing Blogs page. Here is the OPML file for your download/importing pleasure. (right click and save as)


There is no way to get on this list by “submitting” or requesting. I must notice your blog, read it and like it. It’s totally subjective and not an attempt to be a comprehensive resource, but one the we’ve found to be useful at TopRank.

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