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Live from SMX: Tips on Social Media Marketing


Sitting in the SEO & Social Media session, Barbara Boser the Social Media Director for 3 Dog Media, shared some great tips on marketing with social media:

Be prepared & Commit to Social Media

  • Know that it is time consuming
  • Read and learn what is popular
  • Look for tools you can use on the sites and on the web

Your Profile

  • Research to be sure that your profile isn’t the same as any of the other top users on the site
  • Be anonymous if you’re promoting your own site
  • Choose a unique name
  • Choose an avatar that’s memorable
  • Get a gmail account
  • Get an IM that goes w/ your user name
  • Use the same username on all sites, so you can build ‘profile recognition’

Adding Friends

  • Identify top profiles (25,000+ digs)
  • Add people to your IM


  • Be one of the first to vote, people will see your icon first
  • Leave comments
  • Vote every chance you get
  • Stumble while you vote (multi task!)


  • Leverage best practices for writing titles/intros
  • Don’t submit more than 2-3 per day
  • Submit from a variety of sources
  • Share your stories with others who have shared with you
  • Don’t get offended if in the beginning people steal your content


  • Profiles should include all the sites you are a part of


  • Create multiple accounts under one IP
  • Ask people, who you don’t know, to submit for you

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