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For Bay Area folks and social media enthusiasts the world over, “Social Media Club” is well known as an upstart organization looking to promote the goodness of social media as well as advance the knowledge of businesses trying to figure out where social media might fit into their digital marketing plans.

Today SMC co-founders Chris Heuer and Kristie Wells announced a new interim Board of Directors to take SMC to the next level.

Additionally, there are 42 bloggers, marketers and entrepreneurs currently working as part of the interim board tasked with charting the organization’s future direction until SMC reorganizes as a new entity and holds an election amongst its members for a formal Board.

I am happy to say that two Minnesota based social media marketers are included in the list:  Doug Pollei, who is one of the founders of the local SMC for Minnesota and myself. Of course there are many more active social media folks in Minnesota which will hopefully participate locally and nationally. The Social Media Breakfast series started by Rick Mahn has already gained impressive momentum.

Social Media Club currently counts over 500 members with a robust interim Board:

There are many social media marketing practitioners, especially in public relations and search marketing that my not be involved or even know about a resource like SMC. If you want to get involved as a member, corporate sponsor or about social media in general, find out more about Social Media Club here and the recent SMC Interim Board of Directors announcement here.

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