Is Content Marketing a Viable Lead Generation Tactic?


Hi, I’m Josh. I’m a content marketer and proud to be one.

Content marketing is unique among marketing tactics. It aims to accomplish business goals by offering people something of real value that can make their lives better.

It’s not, “you are lacking something in your life, so buy our product.” It’s not, “Read these exaggerated claims about our product and buy it.” Content marketing (as part of an integrated digital marketing strategy, of course) only works if you provide value to your audience. How cool is that? You provide value, they buy stuff, and everyone goes home happy.

As nice as it sounds, though, the previous sentence is missing a sizable chunk in the middle. Without lead generation, this is your content marketing plan:

Top Content Marketing Blogs to Start 2011

content marketing blogsThis morning I received a pleasant surprise email from the folks at Junta42 with congratulations to Brian Solis, Brian Clark, David Meerman Scott, Jay Baer and TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog on making the top of the first Junta42 Top Content Marketing Blogs list in 2011. It is more than a little humbling to be included amongst such talented and respected industry veterans.

Joe Pulizzi runs Junta42 and is the first person (that I know of) to really popularize the notion of “content marketing”. In that regard Joe and his team really walk the talk: He also runs the Content Marketing Institute, Chief Content Officer magazine and the upcoming Content Marketing World conference. The blogs and writers that make the Junta42 list also “walk the talk” with content marketing and serve as a great example for those that want to better understand how content fits within the marketing mix.

BIGLIST SEO Blog Reviews 052410


It’s time for a new update to the BIGLIST review of SEO blogs. I started with a list of 15 new blogs in a queue for this update and four made the cut. Once a new blog hits our radar, we watch it for a few weeks before reviewing. Broken links, neglecting to post (far too many one trick pony SEO blogs out there) or design that makes content difficult to consume are all reasons not to be included. This update includes a mix of individual and agency blogs, all primarily focused on SEO.

Stay on Search – This update of the BIGLIST gives design recognition to Mark Thompson for his Stay on Search Blog. Besides offering a consistent post format with images and template, Mark blogs a lot of how-to and tips posts along with a much better than average effort at being truly useful. Great design plus great content = a blog worth subscribing to.

How I Started Blogging. What’s Your Story?

While today’s online media are abuzz with the latest and greatest social media tactics and tools, for many of us that have been around a little while, it was blogging that started our social media careers.

It’s funny to think that in 2002 a type of site called “blog” came up on my radar as a possible marketing tool. At the time, many blogs were personal diaries posted anonymously or by people with a little tech savvy and plenty of opinion. Writing personal thoughts on a public web site was absolutely the last thing I would ever consider doing.  However, it was a curious thing and I started a few blogs anonymously to see what it was like. Unfortunately, the excercise was so foreign, poorly executed and without feedback, that I deleted them.

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 033008

SEO Blogs

Ah yes, we skipped a weekly update of our SEO blog review for the BIGLIST. Conferences in New York will do that to you. This week we have the usual social media trend as well as SEO with one re-inclusion.

  • Social Media Mom – Social media consultant Kristen Munson sports some nifty red pumps on her avatar and in between doing mom things also blogs about, you guessed it, social media!
  • Cruces – Michael Myers, COO of FreshCurrent, blogs smart about social media and marketing online.
  • Seocracy – Take a step over to the dark side (toursists only please) for SEO advice from Rob: A self described “craven, obnoxious, immoral individual” on all manner of news, scripts, downloads, theory and tactics.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 031408

SEO Blogs

This week we did a bit of house cleaning and removed 37 blogs from the BIGLIST of SEO blogs – some of them from well known SEOs. One of the quality measures we use for inclusion on the BIGLIST is frequency of posting. If a blog gets stale, we say bye bye for now. Get your BIGLIST updates via Twitter.

This week’s update includes several SEO blogs new to our list and a few re-inclusions. Enjoy!

  • John W. Ellis SEM Blog – John writes mostly about PPC, analytics, SEO and social media marketing with a bit of sports, travel and Nashville sneaking in from time to time.
  • SEM Geek – Besides contributing at SMG, Greg Meyers writes an awful lot about paid search marketing including specific PPC platforms, analytics and overall marketing on the internet.

BIGLIST SEO SEM Blogs Update 022908

SEO Blogs

For the first or maybe the second time ever, we skipped a BIGLIST update last Friday.  Things got a little crazy with SES London and other business tasks. But no worry, we have a great lineup of SEO blogs for you this week:

  • SEO Copywriting – Let’s celebrate the launch of SEO and wordsmith guru Heather Lloyd-Martin’s snappy new blog about the magic of writing for users and search engines.
  • Jon Myers Search Blog – Jon is the head of search and Associate Director at MediaVest in the UK writing about his views of the search engine marketing world.
  • Own Page One SEV Blog  – Ann Arbor, Michigan based search marketing agency Pure Visibility runs the gamut of search marketing topics on this company blog ranging from PPC to local to SEO and even has a category just for Twitter.

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 020808

SEO Blogs

This week’s BIGLIST update of SEO and social media blogs is pretty close to being the best batch of new blogs I’ve seen since we started publishing the list a year ago. What a great collection of resources! It really makes our industry better by having more and more people blogging their ideas, insights and even letting a few “secrets” slip out now and again.  🙂 Check it out:

Trail of the Fire Horse – Another excellent Canada based search and social media marketing blog comes this time from the very smart/savvy Dave Harry aka “the Gypsy”.

Search Enginuity – Clay Fisher is the Global Director of Search Marketing at and he writes about search marketing industry news as well as paid search and analytics on a very cleverly named blog.

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 020108

SEO Blogs

It’s pretty hard to compete with news like Microsoft offering to buy Yahoo for $44 billion or Amazon to buy Audible for $300 million, but there’s plenty to read on those topics and more on this week’s BIGLIST SEO blogs update.

  • SEO Design Solutions Blog – You don’t see too many practical tips blogs these days and that’s why it’s nice to see Jeffrey Smith blogging all manner of tips on SEO from WordPress optimization to organic vs PPC.
  • Smackdown! – Michael VanDeMar is full of piss and vinegar especially when it comes to Matt Cutts. What this blog lacks in subscriber numbers it makes up for in good humor.
  • Learning SEO Basics – SEO student and fan of Kalena Jordan’s Search Engine College, Kimberly Bock (aka spostareduro) writes about all the basics of search engine optimization.

BIGLIST Search Marketing Blogs Update 110207

SEO Blogs

So many blogs and so little time! This week’s BIGLIST update brings you a mix of blogs covering analytics, social media, entrepreneurship, emerging media and a nice SEO aggregator.

  • Leveraging Ideas – Sam Huleatt, a Brooklyn-based Internet entrepreneur & strategy guru writes about the social media space, strategies and entreprenuership.
  • Analytics Talk – Justin Cutroni of EpikOne writes about the array of Google products, including analytics, he works with.
  • Original Signal Transmitting SEO – Aggregation of the 15 most popular SEO blogs and web sites ranging from Search Engine Watch to Search Engine Land and TopRank’s Online Marketing Blog.
  • Cam Balzer Web-Cite – Google/DoubleClick/Performics’ VP of Emerging Media writes about 2.0 topics, search and marketing along with a few ranted items.

BIGLIST SEO Blogs Update 100407

SEO Blogs

Can you believe it’s Friday already?  Like clockwork, TopRank brings dear readers of Online Marketing Blog yet another nice roundup of search marketing blogs we lovingly like to call the BIGLIST.  Fire up your favorite RSS reader and start clicking.

  • Metamend SEO Blog – Without question, one of the most prolific and talented writers in the SEO space is Jim Hedger who also consults with the Metamend agency in Vancouver.
  • – Software engineer Johannes Mueller works with Google Webmaster Tools as a Webmaster Trends Analyst in Switzerland in addition to being exceptionally helpful on the Cre8asite forums and Google Groups. He writes a variety of deep insights into SEO, search engines and the technical side of search marketing.

Technorati Adds Authority to SERPs

After reading Neil’s post about Pronet Advertising, Search Engine Land and Online Marketing Blog making Technorati’s Popular 100 list, I thought I’d search T’rati a bit more and noticed an Authority score starting to appear next to the blogs in the search results. I know a widget was released that blogs could use to show their Technorati score earlier last month I believe, but this is the first I’ve seen it on the Technorati site.

Here’s a screenshot:


Since I’m one to have fun with lists, I thought I’d take the Search Marketing Blogs by Feedburner RSS Subscribers list and see what their Technorati scores were. I am assuming “authority” is an indication of inbound links withing a certain amount of time. The higher the number, the more authority.