National Pork Board Does the Right Thing

It’s amazing what a social network, highly visible blogs and level headed communication can do.

The National Pork Board has apologized for the aggressive comments in the cease and desist against our search marketing friend, Jennifer Laycock and her Lactivist Blog’s use of “The other white milk” on t-shirts for sale that raise money for Mother’s Milk Bank.

You can however, now buy a NPB approved t-shirt that says, “Breast, the other white milk.” The employees at the NPB are also conducting a fundraising drive for Mother’s Milk Bank. Well done NPB!

This is a great example of a community rallying to a good cause and also of a large organization responding in a win win manner.

National Pork Board Needs to Back Off

You know those kinds of people that have nothing better to do with their time, so they have to pick on others to justify their existence? Laywers come to mind. Especially corporate lawyers.

I am a little late to the story about our friend, Jennifer Laycock of Search Engine Guide, her blog The Lactivist and the bully National Pork Board, but hey I’ve got a business too ya know? Regardless, I just had to write something up before the Super Proposal, I mean Super Bowl weekend was in full effect as this is the epitome of lameness.

I’m not completely unsympathetic to trademark holders and the need to protect them as we’re going through the final stages of our own trademark process. I do understand that there is a certain obligation to defend your trademark or you lose it.