Online Marketing News: The Olympics Get Social, Twitter Co-Founder’s New Publishing Platform, Which Tablet Reigns Supreme, #SESSF

London Calling: Mobility & The Olympic Games

Sadly the 2012 Olympics came to an end this past week.  These Olympic Games were by far the most socially shared to date.  This infographic from Acme Packet shared some very interesting information on everything from estimates for viewership and devices used, to predictions for the 2016 Olympics in Rio.

Twitter Co-Founders Preview Medium, A New Publishing Tool
Evan Williams a co-founder of Twitter describes Medium as “re-imagining publishing in an attempt to make an evolutionary leap.”  Medium takes submitted content like photos or text and organizes items that are similar into collections that multiple users and view, and add to.  Via Cnet.

Online Marketing News: Olympics Have Gone Social, Facebook Clicks From Bots, Improve Search Ranking Via Social Media, Download Twitter History

OTL: Twitter Olympics

The broadcasting of this years Olympics has been nothing short of disasterous.  NBC is not reporting the Olympic games in real time and part of the reason is to protect the interest of advertisors and sponsors.  The term #NBCFAIL has even begun trending on Twitter.  Social media is riddled with the mistakes and blunders made by the company in the past weeks. There are now discussions to place restrictions placed on Olympian’s tweets – to avoid the “cat getting out of the bag” before the news is broadcasted.

Top Online News of the Week

Company Says 80% of Their Facebook Ad Clicks Were From Bots
After becoming frustrated with Facebook advertising Limited Run has decided to ditch their Facebook page altogether.  Limited Run found that they could only verify about 20% of the clicks that were supposedly being converted to users showing up on it’s website.  Via Cnet.