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Lee Odden

Happy Holidays from @TopRank Online Marketing

Lee Odden on Dec 25th, 2013     Online Marketing, TopRank Agency News

Happy Holidays 2013 Happy Holidays to you and your loved ones from TopRank Online Marketing!

It’s been an incredible year for us with new faces, new clients, improved services mix and the continued growth of our digital marketing consulting practice.

This year we’ve added some amazing talent to the TopRank team and I am very thankful for their contributions! Ours is a very dynamic industry and mutual client and company success calls for our team members to be adaptable, passionate about the work and solution oriented.

I am happy to report that they’ve answered the call impressively. We’ve taken on 20 new clients, renewed more client engagements than ever and have grown numerous programs to include an integrated mix of content, social media, SEO and online PR.

Ashley Zeckman

Free Visual eBook: 20 Ways to Rock The Social Web

Ashley Zeckman on Nov 27th, 2012     Online Marketing, Social Media

20 Ways to Rock the Social WebThe music business is tough. Everyone wants to be a star but only some put in the time, effort and bring the talent to really make a difference and become successful.

“Making it” in the social media world isn’t so different. Everyone seems to be a “social media guru” but few seem to deliver on the promise of making a difference and achieving a positive impact on business outcomes.  But like the music business, there are those few who bring varying degrees of talent, dedication and smarts to really leverage the social web to become rockstars in their respective industries and roles.

TopRank Online Marketing

SES SJ: White Hat Vs. Black Hat Social Media

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 13th, 2009     Search Engine Strategies, Social Media


Black hat techniques have long been criticized in search marketing. Some claim that these black hat practices have quietly been practiced in social media for years.  Others claim that black hat and white hat are meaningless terms altogether.

With the rise in popularity of social media among larger audiences, the idea of black hat practices are being called into question.  Where will the lines between white hat and black hat be drawn?  Is it even possible to do this?

There are dangers for both companies and individuals who engage the social web with unethical or black hat practices, and can include such risks as loss of reputation, banning from web services/networks and even PR backlash.

TopRank Online Marketing

SES SJ: How To Optimize For Search & Engage The Community

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 11th, 2009     Search Engine Strategies, SEO

Most people start with Google when they search for information, but increasingly users look to niche-specific engines like YouTube search when seeking entertainment.  Search engine marketers, digital media producers and entrepreneurs must create unique, relevant content that stands out if they hope to gain popularity in the Internet community.  Optimizing for search while engaging the community is part art, part science.

Kicking off day one, Greg Jarboe, President & Co-Founder of SEO-PR and author of “YouTube and Video Marketing: An Hour A Day,” shares insights into the intersection of search and community engagement in:  “How to Optimize for Search & Engage the Community:”

TopRank Online Marketing

Unlocking the Puzzle: TopRank SES San Jose Blogging Schedule

TopRank Online Marketing on Aug 10th, 2009     Search Engine Strategies


Can’t make it to Search Engine Strategies (SES) San Jose 2009, yet want to stay on top of the largest and longest running conference dedicated to Search Marketing?  Never fear, Online Marketing Blog readers won’t miss a thing.  Jolina Pettice and Adam Singer from TopRank Online Marketing will be putting the pieces together for you throughout the event through liveblogging, photos and videos.

The skill set necessary to be an effective SEM/SEO is analogous to having all the pieces of a puzzle.  Learning search engine marketing can seem complex when you’re starting, but getting each new bit of knowledge brings you that much closer to having all the pieces in place, providing greater clarity as you go.  Sessions, workshops, networking, exhibitors and sponsors at SES San Jose 2009 can each provide a different portion of that puzzle.  Jolina and Adam will bring you the essential information from several must-see panels including:

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