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At WebmasterWorld Pubcon in Las Vegas last November, Lawrence Coborn who runs Sexy Widget as well as RateitAll.com, made quite a splash with his presentation on marketing with widgets. We interviewed Lawrence Coborn here on OMB late last year.

Since then, many marketers have been paying more attention to marketing blogs with widgets such as via the Flickr image tool, the Swicki search tool and the MyBlogLog widget in the right sidebar of this blog.

Here is a an example of a new blog widget for Online Marketing Blog, or blidget from Widgetbox that makes a widget out of the content of your blog.

Clever and useful widgets can get very viral as has been the case with MyBlogLog. However, most widgets are made with JavaScript, Flash and or Ajax and links embedded within that code are not crawled by search engine bots. As a result, there’s a viral benefit to the widget but not a direct SEO benefit.

Widget developers should consider enabling a crawlable text link within the widget so search engines can find and crawl the link to the author site. We’ve done this with the RSS Button maker as well as the Social Bookmarks creator, which have resulted in 100,000+ crawlable links to this blog.

What are some creative widgets that you’ve created or found for promoting your blog? Do you think 2007 is the year of the widget as some have proclaimed?

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  1. Lee, Thanks for the mention. Box.net and Splashcast are two pretty neat widgets that are really pushing the envelope in terms of how much functionality they include within the body of the widget (logins, new signups, etc). Also, MuseStorm is a nice service that is similar to Widgetbox Blidgets (RSS Feed to Flash Widget tool) that also enables distribution to a number of start page and widget directory communities.

  2. Excellent! Thanks for those tips Lawrence.

  3. EveryTrail also has a cool widget that’s very unique. It lets you see on a map on your web site or blog exaclty where you travel down to the footstep. This is a cool way to let one’s audience see where their blogger goes. All you have to do to incorporate the widget on your web site:
    1) Go to EveryTrail (http://www.everytrail.com)
    2) Upload a trip.
    3) Click on “Add to Your Site”.
    4) Copy and paste that code into your code and walla.

  4. Some of the best data on the growth of social networks is coming out of the widget startups. Help me identify the reach of branded widgets by commenting or continuing the conversation at:

  5. Ever thought you can have your webspace on another website for free…try urbanread.com

  6. If we’re talking about widgets I this that Widgipedia is a good place to search for the latest cool stuff in this field.

  7. I just made a few widgets with widget box and am having fun with it so far. They look pretty cool and I am getting traffic from them, so I’m definitely going to continue using them for now.

    I was also able to create a facebook app with one of the widgets I made there – that was a surprise, I’m no developer. So if I could do it, so can others.