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SEO Title TagThe SEO Title tag is a plugin that I’ve known about for a while, but never messed with. Boy was I missing out.

What SEO Title Tag does is add the ability to customize your blog’s title tags per post. No longer are they tied directly to the post title. You can customize almost any title tag across your blog giving your site a possible edge in search engines.

One can customize individual posts, categories or pages. The default WordPress title tags are OK, Optimal Title makes them better, SEO Title Tag makes them into whatever you want them to be.

There is also the ability to customize the separator, create a shot blog name to show on post pages, remove the blog name from post pages, use category descriptions as titles on category pages and tie the Title tags into UTW (Ultimate Tag Warrior).

Title tags are easy to customize too. They can be mass customized though the plugin options under the Manage tab or you can also create the titles as you create your post as it adds a custom ‘Title Tag’ field to the post screen.

I really like the SEO Title Tag plugin and think it’s an excellent addition to any WordPress blog. For search engine friendlessness, it’s right up there with Headspace.


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  1. Avatar SEO South Africa says

    SEO Title Tag is a excellent plugin. I recently posted about this plugin too after i discovered it and am now using it for every post and page on my blog.

  2. thanks for your seo title tag info.


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