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Session: In House Big SEO

It can be incredibly laborious when deploying search engine optimization for an enterprise company with tens of divisions, thousands of products, and tens of thousands of web pages. Bill Macaitis, Marshall D. Simmonds, Melanie Mitchell, and Bill Hunt led the “In House: Big SEO” discussion providing insight into how to effectively manage SEO campaigns of tremendous magnitude.

Simmonds of the New York Times shared 5 items to ensure the success of a huge SEO campaign:

  • Organization – The development and time frame of an SEO project plan
  • Analysis – The collection of data describing a program’s current situation
  • Education – The process of sharing tactical knowledge with each member of the team
  • Execution – The implementation of the tactics designed the meet the company’s objectives
  • Measurement – The collection of data describing the success of failure of a program

Macaitis of Fox Interactive Media summarized a few ideas that can act as a catalyst to keep an SEO campaign moving, especially when executives on the other side may be slowing it down. These items included:

  • Defining the opportunity (How will SEO increase company revenue?)
  • Evangelizing Success (Who has this worked for in the past?)
  • Selling to the Stakeholders
  • Find Allies (Build relationships with those who understand search)
  • Engage in Continuing Knowledge Transfer (Keep everyone involved educated about what’s going on)
  • Bribe (Reciprocity can help foster relationships and work to your advantage)

Lastly, the panel shared that if a program is moving a little too slow, it can be extremely beneficial to show your client statistics on their competition. No one likes to know that they’re behind. Chances are, exposure to these data will help speed things up.

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