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26 Top Search Marketing Blogs By RSS Subscribers

top sem blogsRemember the Grinch? “Noise, noise, noise!”  Many marketers feel the same way about the plethora of search marketing blogs. We’ve been managing a list of over 500 search marketing blogs (BIGLIST) for the past 3+ years and know a little something about the category. SEO blog reviews are helpful, but some people want a qualifyer when deciding what’s noise and what’s worth checking out. That’s why we’ve assembled a top SEM blogs list ranked by RSS Subscribers. The first list is here.

Below is an updated list of 26 top Search Marketing Blogs with Google Webmaster Central dominating followed by upward movement by SEOMoz and Search Engine Land.  Online Marketing Blog, Marketing Pilgrim and Graywolf’s Blog have seen big increases as well. We’ve also added several blogs that made the 2,000 subscribers cutoff. Enjoy:

Google Webmaster Central

Matt Cutts


Search Engine Land

Search Engine Watch

Search Engine Roundtable (normal feed)

Search Engine Roundtable (full feed)

Online Marketing Blog

Marketing Pilgrim

Search Engine Guide

Graywolf’s SEO Blog

Get Elastic

Andy Beard


Small Business SEM



Hobo UK SEO Blog

SEO Scoop


Clix Marketing

SEO Pedia


Dan Zarrella

There are plenty of really good SEO blogs not included because they don’t publish their RSS feed numbers. These include: SEOBook, StuntdublSEO by the SeaBruce ClayDaveN, SEO 2.0 Blog, 97th Floor, 10e20, Johnon, Biznology, ClickZ Blog, Multilingual Search, Bing Webmaster Blog, jane and robot, Mediadonis, Search Engine People, Daily SEO Tip, Traffick, Yahoo Search Marketing BlogCre8pc, Yoast, and others.

Are there other SEO or SEM blogs that have at least 2,000 RSS subscribers AND that are using/publishing Feedburner subscribers we should add?

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  1. Lee,

    The ProNet link doesn’t work.

  2. Avatar Barry Schwartz says

    I really have 27,884 subscribers, I have a full feed and short feed (plus others, but those are the two main ones).

    Details at http://www.seroundtable.com/subscribe.html#feed

    Figured I mention it again. 🙂

  3. What about DoshDosh.com? He has 31,649 subscribers….

  4. Hi Lee,

    I’m from MestreSEO, a brazillian company. We have 2.5k subscribers. Can you include us?

  5. Hey, Lee…where’s Mestre SEO (http://www.mestreseo.com.br)? It’s the best blog from Brazil! 😉

  6. Nice list. Found a couple new sites to subscribe to, goal accomplished.

    I think it’s important to note tho that the feedburner stats may be skewed because of the changes they made where they include FrienFeed subscribers in the total subscriber count. I know that for me at least it makes it look like I have 10 times the number of subscribers I actually have.

    However, it’s still a great list. thanks for sharing.

  7. Shoemoney has complained on Facebook that he’s not on this list. Should he be? Are there others that should be? Which sites do not belong? Am very interested in comments/feedback.

  8. Thanks, Lee – extra tequila for you!

  9. Just curious if there is an opml for these top sites? It would make it easier to import. thanks.

  10. RSS is so 2006. rank by Twitter followers 🙂

    seriously nice to see list updated

  11. Avatar William Mougayar (Eqentia) says

    RSS/OPML is a great start. This list was about GR subscribers, not Twitter followers (although, it would be good to have that list as well- if someone is working on it pls share!)
    However, you can embed a Tweet count with a javascript from Tweetmeme, as an example, and it will show-up in the RSS.

    Danny- Are you saying that # of Twitter followers is more important than # of subscribers in Google Readers? That’s a very interesting question. Eventually, it might be, but I’m not sure that the comparison is 1-to-1: is 1 Google subscriber equivalent to 1 Twitter follower?

  12. Goodlist. Found a couple new sites to subscribe to, goal accomplished.Thanks.

  13. What I’m not on there 🙂

    Seems to be that you have utilised feedburner subscriptions as the basis for above, which I would suggest is likely to cover the vast majority of SEO blogs, but not necessarily all.

    All the same great list, and somehow a few I managed to miss

    • Thanks Pete, I agree. RSS subscribers alone are not a complete basis for ranking blogs. This is just an update of a ranking we’ve been doing for the past 2 years or so. If you publish your feedcount, let me know.

  14. Awesome! Thanks for this!


  15. in Russian my SEO blog is number one with 4900 subscribers.

    several years ago I loved you idea of ranking blogs according to feedburner subscibers and run special site: http://blograte.ru/category/id/1/ (these are top SEO blogs in Russia)

  16. Great job Lee, keep it rolling. Might be time to offer a list of non-English SEO/SEM blogs eh? 🙂

  17. thanks for the list,

    yeah the dimok made blograte, very good servise for search blogs

  18. Avatar abilitydesigns says

    Nice list Lee.

    Surprising that Aaron Wall is not to be seen there ? Am i missing something?


  19. Joost/Yoast is absolutely killing it with RSS growth with plugin RSS subscriptions.

    I am hovering just over 7K though also not displaying currently