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Chris Pirillo on SEO & Social Media @ OpenCa.mp

chris pirilloAt the OpenCa.mp conference in Dallas this weekend I was able to re-connect with Chris Pirillo of Lockergnome and the Gnomedex conference (We’ve interviewed each other in the past). We both jumped out of the same airplane with the Army Golden Knights last week and are also speaking today about blogs at OpenCa.mp.

I caught up with Chris to talk about his take on SEO and social media.  He had pretty strong opinions about people who are too aggressive and not always relevant in the social connections they’re making.  This is what he had to say:

You can find Chris online by Googling “chris“. How’s that for the effect of links on search engine visibility?

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  1. I definitely agree with a lot of what Chris has to say. As far as the tools out there for gaming Twitter, a user ultimately ends up being a quasi-spammer followed by a lot of quasi-spammers. You may end up with a lot of followers, but there is no real value added. nnUnfortunately, that is the fine line online marketers must walk when balancing the need for measurable results while staying true to their company/product/client.

  2. I agree with what he is saying for the most part, many people are way too obsessed with getting links and don’t care about the relevancy or source.

  3. I really enjoyed watching this. Chris, as always, is fun to listen to when he’s speaking off the cuff. I would know; I actually OWNED him (OK, I owned what he did as Lockergnome) for a little while in the late 1990s.nnBut he’s sounding like an old guy, and not necessarily in a good way. Yes, open source is as good as most people need (yay!) but “I’ve been doing SEO for so long that I AM ‘Chris’ ” isn’t advice that anyone can use unless they have a time machine. nnChris is being looked to for advice. And “you should be like me” doesn’t qualify.nnC’mon, man . . . SAY something.nnJeff YablonnPresident & CEOnAnswer Guy and Virtual VIP Computer Support, Business Change Coaching and Virtual Assistant ServicesnnAnswer Guy and Virtual VIP on Twitter

  4. I’ve always liked Chris Pirillo. And his points are really valid and I agree 100%. Thanks for sharing the video.

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    Users don’t care about the relevancy or source pages.They only focus the SEO.If any do many spamming what Google do for her Website?n

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