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31 Top Marketers Agree: It’s Time to Rethink Your Content Marketing – Free 214 Page eBook from Linkdex

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Starting as a public relations firm with SEO skills in 2001, we’ve always had to create content for clients whether it was press releases, newsletters, case studies or graphics and diagrams for newsrooms and events.

In 2008 we made a major shift to what I call “SEO Plus” and focused a lot more on content. In fact, we were named the #1 content marketing blog that year by Junta42 (now Content Marketing Institute).

Fast forward to 2013 and the momentum of converged search, social media, public relations and content is unmistakable. SEO vendors and agencies are realizing marketing is the business we’re in, not just SEO.

One of those companies, Linkdex, is a marketing SaaS platform that brings content, search, social and PR components together in one service to help companies perform better marketing. This applies to service models that want to evolve from SEO to SEO plus, from PR or content marketing agency to integrated marketing agency. The same goes for departments within a company that want a platform to help integrated components of search, social media, content and PR.

Linkdex Content Marketing eBook

To bring marketers and agencies the insights they need for this evolution towards more coordinated search, social, PR and content marketing, Matt Roberts and the Linkdex team reached out to 31 industry experts and created a 214 page eBook: ReThink Your Content Marketing.

Sometimes eBooks like this include the same list of names and insights, but I think you’ll find this one pretty refreshing. You’ll see why when you check out the list of international search and content marketing experts as well as the titles of their contributions covering strategy to tactics to measurement:

  • Joe Pulizzi (@joepulizzi) : Foreword
  • Lee Odden (@leeodden) : The Speed of Change
  • Bas van den Beld (@basvandenbeld) : The Role of Content in Modern Day Marketing
  • Rick Ramos (@ricktramos) : 7 Reasons Why Content Marketing is the New Black
  • Matt Roberts (@Linkdex_Matt) : Use Content to Supercharge Your Organic Marketing
  • Rob Garner (@robgarner) : If You Have a Website, Then You Are Already a Real-Time Publisher
  • Andrew Smith (@andismit) : What Can Content Marketing Learn from PR? And Vice Versa
  • Danny Denhard (@dannydenhard) : Creating the Perfect Cocktail: Do PR, Social, SEO and Content Mix Well Together
  • Nick Garner (@nickgarner) : Organic Marketing Driving Social Influence
  • Phil Mackechnie (@akcamiwik) : Breaking Down Internal Silos
  • Robert Rose (@Robert_Rose) : Be Remarkable or Fail
  • Kevin Gibbons (@kevgibbo) : Creating a Multichannel Content Marketing Strategy
  • Paul Roetzer (@paulroetzer) : The Art and Science of Content Marketing Collide
  • Michael Brito (@britopian) : Transforming Your Brand to the Next Media Company
  • Ann Handley (@marketingprofs) : Does Your Content Convey Honest Empathy
  • Darren Fell (@TeamCrunch) : With Content, You Reap What You Sow
  • Hannah Smith (@Hannah_Bo_Banna) : Why You Need Great Content
  • Stuart Tofts (@StuartTofts) : How to Use Content to Diversify and Strengthen Your Online Marketing
  • Melissa Rach (@MelissaRach) : What Makes Content Great
  • Sonja Jefferson and Sharon Tanton (@sonjajefferson – @sjtanton) : The Year That Content Grew Up
  • Susan Genelius (@susangunelius) : Great Content is Shareworthy Content
  • Suzanne Fanning (@SuzanneWOMMA) : Content is No Longer King
  • Henneke Duistermaat (@HennekeD) : How to Write Great Content and Become an Influential Writer
  • Avinash Kaushik (@avinash) : The See-Think-Do Framework
  • Simon Penson (@simonpenson) : Content Strategy (Make Your Ideas Your Friends)
  • Andreas Ramos (@Andreas_Ramos) : The Hub-and-Spoke Model of Content
  • Chelsea Adams (ChelseAdams) : 5 Fresh Ways to Use Content Marketing as Lead Generation
  • Jonathan Alderson (@jonoalderson) : Measuring the ROI of Content Marketing
  • Stephen Lock (@stevejlock) : Frameworks to Audit, Measure & Maximise Content Marketing ROI
  • Gerry McGovern (@gerrymcgovern) : Quality Content Means Measuring Outcomes, Not Inputs
  • Kristjan Hauksson (@optimizeyourweb) : Content Impacts on a Global Scale

I’d be surprised if you’ve seen a free eBook this substantial on the topic of content marketing from so many thought leaders and practitioners. This is a necessary read for a lot of online marketers, from SEOs who still think content marketing is a link building tactic and that “more is better” to public relations practitioners that really need to get on the digital marketing track fast and in a meaningful way.

When you check out the ebook you can get a demo of Linkdex too if you like – totally up to you. Just make sure you dig in to the strategic to practical insights from all the search, social media, public relations and content marketing pros that contributed to the eBook. Then make sure you share it with your marketing and PR networks.

Once you read this eBook, here are some of the next steps and key questions to ask that I recommend in Chapter 1, “The Speed of Change

  • What business goals could you solve with more useful and meaningful content?
  • Who are the target audiences your business needs to connect with? What do they care about? What are their goals?
  • Develop an editorial calendar that takes into account how each target customer segment discovers, consumes and acts on information during their buying cycle
  • Build search, social media and media optimization best practices into your content planning and promotion efforts so your brand can “be the best answer” where ever customers are looking
  • Continuously analyze key performance indicators and business outcomes to optimize the performance of your content marketing investment

Once you make the shift from content as a tactic to content as useful and meaningful information designed for specific customer groups and objectives, you’ll be on your way to more efficient and effective online marketing programs.

If you were going to contribute a short tip to a content marketing eBook like this, what would it be?  What’s one piece of advice you think is most important?

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Excellent post Lee. My tips would be to follow a process which begins with building customer personas that could be used as a light house to guide your content marketing efforts. This is in support of your 2nd bullet above from your Chapter 1 recommendations. Second, document FAQs for those personas. This is what they care about and is related to their business goals. Third, find the gaps to addressing those questions in the existing Google index. Fourth, evaluate keywords used by target market to find the useful information you are contemplating creating. Pick keywords carefully and then be aware as you write, making sure to write naturally and don’t be overly focused on keyword density, just aware and all things being equal, the best words to use in each situation. Keyword research should guide your approach to fill those voids that are in demand and possible to rank based on current page 1. Factor in geographic scope (local, regional, national, international) and personalization when determining ability for organic rankings. Fifth, and perhaps most important, be prepared to create unique content that is better than everything else or takes a creative slant on the topic covered. Six, share strategically on social channels most relevant to your personas/target markets, ideally at times when they are likely to be using these social channels. This is key for reach and discovery. Sound like a tall order? To do it well for competitive markets, it is, especially as you are building audience and authority. We consider this process in driving ROI from Content Marketing, especially as it relates to search. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Avatar Greg Elwell says

    Thanks for sharing this sponsored post, Lee. We are entering new territory when it comes to combining social, search, PR and content marketing to stand out and be awesome!

    I’ve downloaded the ebook and am looking forward to learning more from the great lineup of contributors, and see more of what Linkdex is all about.

    One tip or piece of advice I’d add to this is to do just what’s been done in putting together this blog post and ebook: involve other influencers/thought leaders in the creation and promotion of your content.

    As an example, I just interviewed Joe Pulizzi for my podcast on his new book, Epic Content Marketing. Joe shared he had over 100 people who contributed to the content of his book. He also talked about how that CMI was built via the content from others: 90% of CMI’s content comes from outside sources!

    So, I just think that successful marketing today is about all of the things you’ve outlined, plus building relationships and involving others for the common good!

    Thanks for helping us to rethink our content marketing!


  3. This is an e- book that many SEO and bloggers should read with great care and concideration. I’ts an exciting time to be a blogger as well in the Search marketing industry. But keeping up with the trends can be a challenge. Some times we forget why we are doing XYZ. An Ebook like this helps us keep focused, keep the customers in mind and to offer a practical service to our clients. Keep the fundamental together and grow from it.