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Online Marketing News: Content Cocktails, Old School Email and 3D Printing in Space

Posted on Mar 25th, 2016
Written by TopRank Marketing
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  • Online Marketing News: Content Cocktails, Old School Email and 3D Printing in Space
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    The Mixology of Content Marketing [INFOGRAPHIC]
    Content marketing is an art and a science, just like mixing a good cocktail. In this infographic, different types of content ‘cocktails’ are broken down into clear recipes for the marketing mixologist to follow. Each recipe also contains a measuring guide and a stat or helpful tip. My personal favorite is the White Paper Old Fashioned. Unbounce

    This Study Shows Why Retailers Should Ramp Up Their Email Game for Millennials
    Whether or not you agree that email is ‘old school’ aside, it is still one of the most effective digital marketing tactics in our collective tool kits. A new study from Epsilon shows that email is effective for Millennial shoppers in particular, with 43% saying they’ve been checking out retailers’ emails in the last 6 months. Millennial shoppers aren’t solely using social media to find what they’re looking for, this new research tells us that email needs to be in the mix. AdWeek

    Majestic to print the internet in 3-D in outer space
    You read that headline right. SEO toolkit Majestic is shooting for the stars in their newest venture: To 3D print the internet in space. What does that mean? The company is taking to the ISS to print a graphical representation of the internet in zero-gravity. Is this a marketing stunt? Most certainly. Is it awesome? Absolutely. Am I going to space next? Unfortunately, no. Search Engine Land

    TrackMaven releases 2016 Social Media Inflation Index: Instagram growth is huge
    TrackMaven just released a report stating that Instagram’s user base is growing by an incredible amount — 3 times the growth rate of Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest. What’s more, across all social networks, brands reportedly saw a 42% year over year increase in follower count. Of course, it’s not on brands to engage those new followers in meaningful ways, or they’ll see their engagement rates start to drop, as reported in last week’s round up. Marketing Land

    Technology Marketers Hold Steady With Content Marketing [Exclusive Research]
    According to a new study from Content Marketing Institute, technology marketers have seen an increase in effectiveness in nearly all tactics and paid content marketing methods this year. More technology marketers claim to have a documented content marketing strategy vs. last year at 36% compared to 33%. In person events were cited as a top content marketing tactic, and LinkedIn was rated as the top social media platform. Content Marketing Institute

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    Google is making a keyboard for the iPhone
    Google is about to release a third-party keyboard for the iPhone that will use swiping, gesture based typing, and predictive text. According to The Verge, “The keyboard, which has been in circulation among employees for months, is designed to boost the number of Google searches on iOS. While the company all but holds a monopoly on the global search market, there’s evidence that mobile search is proving much less lucrative for Google than the desktop.” The Verge

    Facebook launches Delivery Insights to help advertisers make better ads
    Facebook is planning to roll out Delivery Insights in Ads Manager to help advertisers understand how their ads are performing. According to Facebook, the rollout will be happening globally in a few weeks. In the same announcement blog post, Facebook offered tips for improving ad deliverability and “a refresher on total bid value (which determines which ad wins the auction) as a kickoff of Facebook’s new education initiative to help advertisers better understand how the ad auction works.” Marketing Land

    What were your top digital marketing news stories for the week?

    I’ll be back next week with more top marketing news (and possibly even a fun teaser video!). Keep an eye on the TopRank Marketing blog for helpful marketing information or follow us on Twitter @toprank. Have something to share? Tweet it to me @Tiffani_Allen!

    Infographic via Unbounce