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Feeding Journalists With

By Lee Odden     Online Marketing, Online PR, Social Bookmarking, Social Search

Todd Defren posts a nice rundown on using for an online PR initiative for bzzagent. is used to create content of value to journalists covering WOMM – the word of mouth marketing industry of which bzzagent is the focus.

What are we doing here? Providing any writer who is interested in WOMM with a customized research page containing the top news in the space, including first-hand reaction — on a daily basis — by a WOMM industry pioneer. For media types, et al., who subscribe to the RSS feed of that page, that’s a daily dose of Thought Leadership!

On the flip side, here’s a post from promnent journalist John Udell that explains in a screen cast how he uses to research and track memes and story ideas. You can see first hand how to effectively use a social bookmarking service and tagging to organize streams of ideas. This is particularly useful with the abundance of information available from blogs as well as traditional online news sources.

The convergence of social search, tagging and social bookmarking is very much at the core of new media PR.

Update:¬† I just read Steve Rubel’s post, “Reinventing the Pitch Letter with Delicious” which could also have been titled, “Spamming Journalists with Delicious”, where he describes a clever hack to send journalists messages or a pitch letter via without knowing a specific email address.


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