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When I shared the design under development for Online Marketing Blog with Todd Malicoat, one suggestion he made was to add a list of the best posts. Todd posted about making a list of “best posts” over on his excellent blog, Stuntdubl as well. Deciding what the best posts are is pretty subjective, so I am going to make a list of the 10 most popular posts based on traffic:

1. Google Dance V Photos
2. Yahoo CEO Terry Semel interview
3. Matt Cutts on toolbar data
4. Lowdown on press release optimization
5. Gmail for business
6. How to create Google and Yahoo site maps easily
7. Just say no to discount SEO
8. RSS feed button tool
9. Interview with Eric Ward of URLWire
10. Ten creative traffic building ideas

If there are other posts that you’ve found to be particularly useful, please let me know in the comments.

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Thanks Lee. Thinkin’ about feedback for your site is what inspired my post…so thank you:)

    >Deciding what the best posts is pretty subjective

    I think that’s what’s good about it. It gives some personality to the site, and it shows which posts stood the test of time. I guess it brings the “non-news” posts back out of a blog – the stuff that’s more tutorial type.

  2. I think I might make a revised list that combines information based on traffic, RSS stats and page visit time to come up with a “best posts” list. Thanks for the tip Todd!

  3. Well Lee thank you very much for such a valuable information.

  4. The design for your Popular Marketing Blog got my attention today. I like the a list of “best posts”. I bet the best post lists has made your online blog quite a bit more popular now.

    JT McNaught
    Top Rank Blog Fan

  5. Avatar Balazs Balint says

    Hi Lee,
    You are right- it is very subjective what is the best. But every site is for it’s visitors (normally) so their opinion is really important. But it would be intersting if You could share what is your opinion about these post?
    Do you feel that these post are Your best?
    Would you share the posts You feel the best?
    Thank you!

  6. Balazs, that’s an interesting point. Todd Malicoat helped make this distinction as well. I’ll have to take a look at the past posts and make a list of what posts I feel personally are best, independent of site statistics.

  7. I think i am also going to do that since my blog is slowly gaining some popularity and comments from readers will surely be appreciated in decided the best posts or the top 10 posts.


  8. In my opinion, “Ten creative traffic building ideas” must be number 3 or 4 in your list, becouse this topik is very useful.

  9. Hi Lee,

    I am new to blogging world, but whatever knowledge I have acquired till now suggests that, you have to put your best posts that you like, it should not be based on the traffic it gets, I try to post after a week or two weeks the posts that are really interesting but not traffic based.
    Hope it makes sense.



  1. Todd and Lee’s Greatest Hits - Jim Boykin’s Internet Marketing Blog says:

    […] Lee Odden over at the Online Marketing Blog also decided to do a "best of" post where he only list his 10 most popular posts that’s certainly worth a read if you happened to miss any of these in the past. […]

  2. […] 3) In Lee Odden’s (Online Marketing Blog) most popular posts page he includes the top 10 posts in terms of traffic received. One that stood out to me is one of Lee’s signature topics, The Lowdown on Press Release Optimization. Lee was part of an excellent panel at PubCon last year on Press Releases. From his top blog post on press releases: Other than press releases, another way to get into sites like Google news is to write articles and submit them to publication web sites and also blogs that are already getting picked up by Google newsbot. Perform a search on Google News for relevant keywords and note the sites that are getting picked up. Find out if they accept articles and press releases and submit. […]