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Andy Beard has made further good use of the list and OPML file of the search marketing blogs we’ve been maintaining in the form of a Google Toolbar button.¬† He’s launched a toolbar buttons blog with the TopRank button as the first!
The button works with Google Toolbar for IE or the beta version Google Toolbar for Firefox and is a handy alternative to the other search engines that have been created based on the list.

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  1. I should point out the search engine I am pointing to is Alister Cameron’s, and if you click the button with no search terms, it takes you directly to the list of sites here at the Toprank blog.

    I could have created my own CSE however…

    I spent months trying to persuade the Google Adsense team to allow me to create toolbar buttons pointing to various Adsense for Search pages on a site, and was rejected, even though an end user can create their own button easily.

    When CSE was launched, I emailed Google asking if I can create a CSE and distribute buttons for it, no reply from Google.

    However in this situation I am just a user and fan of Alister’s search engine, I created a button for my personal use, decided to share it and Alister, Toprank and Megite get the benefit.

  2. Avatar Balazs Balint says

    Hi Andy,
    Let me ask you some questions!
    I’m a bit weak in tech issues so help me how can I get your very useful button!
    What is CSE you mention?
    Whan will be available for G-toolbar for Firefox?
    Thank you!