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We’ve been reviewing the TopRank BIGLIST of  search marketing blogs  for over 2 years, starting in January 2007. In that time we’ve reviewed nearly 1,000 blogs covering internet marketing and search marketing related topics.

Blog features we like include: Design, On-topic to SEO, Social Media and Internet Marketing, an About page (for the blog specifically), Categories and Frequency (at least once per week). The only way to get added to the BIGLIST is for us to notice your blog linking to us or being mentioned on another blog that we follow. Direct requests are not accepted.  Please enjoy this week’s new additions, runner up and reinclusion to the BIGLIST.

  • Daily SEO Tip – Search Marketing blog guru Loren Baker and SEO smartie, Ann Smarty have partnered to deliver practical, usefuland often creative SEO tips that are good for new pracitioners as well as experienced online marketers.
  • Marketingsherpa Blog – The famous Marketing Sherpa site publishes this well written & cross referenced blog on a range of internet marketing topics from email to search engine optimization by reporters Natalie Myers, Sean Donahue and Adam T. Sutton.
  • Social Media Rockstar – With a background in SEO and Sociology, Brett Borders aka “Brett from Tibet” is a kindred spirit that also blogs with interesting articles, interviews and tips with a strong social media flavor.
  • SEOAly – Alysson Fergison writes this small business SEO blog that doubles as a web site for her consulting business with posts about on and off page SEO, social media, WordPress, a few rants and something called “Scam Watch”.
  • North South Media Blog  –  This Scotland based agency blog offers tips, news, interviews and an interesting “Top SEO Companies” feature each month that ranks regional, national and international SEO agencies by keyword rankings.
  • IMBroadcast Blog – David Snyder and friends at Traffic Blends publish this blog that supports the Internet Marketing Video community with a few tips about online video mixed and most posts about IM Spring Break.

Runner Up:
(There are some blogs that possess several of the qualities we look for, but are lacking such as post frequency or design issues that warrants a mention, but not actual inclusion in the BIGLIST of SEO blogs)

  • Canadian SEO Blog – Alberta based Melanie Nathan publishes a brand new and very well designed blog that offers the promise of posts on link building, interviews and miscellaneous. We’re hoping she can tap into her vast link building knowledge and post more often so the blog can get included in the BIGLIST at a future date.

(One of the reasons blogs get removed from BIGLIST of SEO blogs is lack of posting activity. If the blog owner restarts posting and contacts us, we may re-add them)

  • JenSense – If you need to know about Google AdSense and affiliate marketing, then this is the blog to read. Welcome back Jennifer Slegg!

Remember, blogs included in the BIGLIST deserve a shiny new badge.

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@LeeOdden is the CEO of TopRank Marketing and editor of Online Marketing Blog. Cited for his expertise by The Economist, Forbes and the Wall Street Journal, he's the author of the book Optimize and presents internationally on B2B marketing topics including content, search, social media and influencer marketing. When not at conferences, consulting, or working with his talented team, he's likely running, traveling or cooking up something new.


  1. Avatar Contempt says

    Just wondering since I just took a peek but – JenSense doesn’t look at all like an affiliate marketing blog. Looks like a pure AdSense blog to me.

    Not trying to diss it or anything, just saying. 🙂

    Great post otherwise.

  2. I’ve been reading “Daily SEO Tip”, “SEOAly” and “Canadian SEO Blog”, like them all. Will need to check out the others.

    Thanks for the pointers.

  3. Thanks for including SherpaBlog in the list. Our reporters were all very honored!

  4. Thanks for this list. Some of these resources I already knew about, but a couple new seo blogs to check out. Much appreciated.

  5. But we want TopRankBlog.com to be #1 ;):p hehehe

    Thank u Lee for the Post, appreciated!

  6. What’s the big idea eh?? Making me *actually* blog. I didn’t start a blog so I would have to write ya know 😉

    lol thanks for the mention Lee… you made my week. Congrats to the others mentioned too. There are some awesome bloggers in there and I’m proud to call some of them my friends.

    Although it’s definitely my goal to blog as much as I can, I also don’t wanna just write, without really having anything valuable to say. You’ve given me excellent motivation to try my best though 😉

    • Hey Melanie, when I saw your blog the first time I noticed the design and thought, wow I can’t wait to read this. I’m sure you have lots to say and many are looking forward to when you do post.

  7. Excellent list. Thanks for the resources.

  8. Great post! I’m really enjoyng Social Media Rockstar.

  9. Brilliant, we got listed, result!

    Cheers, Lee, massive, massive, thanks.



  10. Great list. Lots of helpful info.

  11. Great list..

    Blogs with inspiration and information!

  12. Lee,

    The Daily SEO Tip with Ann and Loren looks great, they are some of the best and most practical SEO writers out there these days. MarketingSherpa is a classic blog with unique marketing info and research that I have learned a ton from over the years.

    Also, thanks for including my blog to the list!

  13. Avatar Ryan conlon says

    Great post – thanks for the info. i liked the seo daily tip

  14. Avatar Andre Buxey says

    What an informative post, well done and keep up the great work.