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Lee Odden

Rand Ranks Search Blogs

By Lee Odden     Blogging, Marketing Industry News, Online Marketing

I was looking for something else on Technorati and noticed a post on SEOMoz ranking 50 blogs in the search space. This was a personal opinion ranking and not something methodical or based on specific criteria. I agree with the blogs listed, just not the order many of them are listed. And that’s fine because Rand and I are different people and have different opinions.

It’s a clever post though, listing popular blogs like that. How many of those bloggers are going to link back to Rand’s post? Most of them I bet. Just like I did above. Rand has his link building through content tactics “down pat”.

We’re not doing too bad with linking here at Online Marketing Blog. Our link traffic has boomed in the past few months. In fact, it’s 500% over this time last year. :) Soon the new design will be live with a few more features and things will get even better.

Update:¬† Barry has posted 76 blogs in his “Which Search Blogs Am I Most Likely to Read In More Detail?” over at his CartoonBarry blog.


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