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Most Popular Blog Posts vs RSS

Since we have about 30% more site visitors and RSS subscribers over the past 2 months (post digg malarkey too) I thought I’d update the list of most popular blog posts for Online Marketing Blog. Such a roundup can be a great way to reveal interesting content to readers that are new or who haven’t been long time readers of a blog.

Most popular web page posts according to web stats – past 12 months excluding home page:

The RSS buttons tool made by Thomas is 200% more popular than the next most popular item, which is understandable. It ranks #1 on Google, Yahoo and MSN for “RSS Buttons” and because users of the tool have the option to include a link back to it when they place the button code on their blog, there are over 60,000 links pointing to it. Also, it’s an older item. The more time a post has been published, the more likely it will have had readers.

Most popular posts via RSS Feed according to Feedburner stats – all time:

The difference in popularity between blog post web pages and entries in the RSS feed is pretty interesting. It gives some great insight into what people respond to based on the format in which they’re exposed to your content. The reading and clickthrough to RSS feed entries are not influenced by finding the content on another blog, through search or social media since the content is being delivered via RSS subscription in a reader of some sort.

What I’m not 100% sure on is whether the change in topical interest since the last time I did this reflects the changes in content being posted or audience interest. I suspect it’s both.

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  1. Great List. Thanks.

  2. “(post digg malarkey too)”

    This actually got submitted to Digg now that you are back.

    Good post Lee – some great info here…

  3. Hey Chris, thanks for the comment. I’m not sure how I feel about getting stories that are not top-notch submitted anywhere.

    We’re not doing anything to make it easy for people to submit this site to digg.

    I guess it doesn’t really matter since I have no interest in promoting this site any differently than we’ve been doing for the past 2 months.

  4. To OMB readers: If you submit anything from this blog to digg, the haters will just bury it, so please don’t bother.

  5. Avatar Michael Locker MD says

    Great assistance.

    Michael Locker MD


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